Bag gloves

I tried asking this in ‘Where Can I Find’ forum without any luck. Perhaps someone here can help me out.

I’m looking for a place to buy some light gloves - the fingerless type - so I can happily bang away at my bag without scraping/scuffing up my knuckles.


I don’t know if they have fingerless ones-but I got mine at a martial arts supply place in Taipei on the street behind Roosevelt off of Heping West Road. the largest size couldn’t fit my hands so I split the sides.

BTW wrapping your hands is just as good and nicer when you are working out outside, plus you don’t have to carry around the gloves.

I love my Tra La La…


No. 89, Nanchang Rd., Sec. 1 (on the East side of Nanchang near the intersection of Ningbo)

Brilliant! Thanks for the tips Bubba. And the wrapping, too. Excellent :bravo: Why didn’t I think of that.