Baghdad Blogger found

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[quote]Salam’s story

The most gripping account of the Iraq conflict came from a web diarist known as the Baghdad Blogger. But no one knew his identity - or even if he existed. Rory McCarthy finally tracked him down, and found a quietly spoken, 29-year-old architect. From next week he will write fortnightly in G2 [/quote]

Thanks Salmon! Salam’s blog made for compulsive reading before it stopped two days into the invasion. I think I posted here when he came back online a few weeks ago with a rundown of all that had happened to him in the interim.
I corresponded with him a few times and he appears to be just as genuine and decent as the article suggests. I’ll definitely be reading his Guardian pieces and I’m really happy that the Guardian picked him up.
Thanks again for the link!

Good article. I’ve been following the guy’s blog since someone first posted about it here.

Wow! His English is like a native speaker’s. How’s that?

He spent many years living in Vienna, apparently. Actually, his writing style often reminds me of Poagao’s in some ways.

Interesting idea, San. Maybe that’s the way bloggers write for audiences to read. At least he doesn’t punctuate with LOL every line or so… :unamused: