Bags for Electrolux vaccum cleaner

Where can I find replacement bags (s-bags) for the Electrolux vacuum cleaner that I recently purchased from Costco?

Have you looked inside it?

They should be able to order them for you. However, patience regarding delivery time is a virtue…

I’ve seen the spares at Shinkong Mitsukoshi, where they sell appliances. Also Zhueng Guo Dien Tzu.

IF they sell your model at RTMart, Carrefour etc., you might find them on the shelves there, as they do carry (overpriced) bags alongside the machines. You can also check the documentation that came with it, as it might say (probably in Chinese) where to buy bags; you can have a local friend read it for you if needed.

I got my little Electrolux at that big electronics store with the yellow and black sign, and they also had the bags, but I’ve purchased replacements at Carrefour, too.

I’m sure missing a vacuum that actually sucks, seem to be very hard to find here at any reasonable cost.