Ballet or Gymnastics classes for 4 year old

HI, we have just moved to Taipei and about to move to Xin Sheng Sec 1. Near Da’an Park. I would like our daughter to do Ballet or Gymnastics … anyone know of classes available?


You can do both ballet and gymnastics at Bethany Elementary School. Classes are in English. Take a look at for information.

My son goes to a ballet/Chinese dance class for 4 year-olds and up. One school is near Wanfang MRT station. Classes are all in Chinese. It’s a more “serious” class, as in they are working toward doing performances next year, but the kids in the class love it.

We have a gymnastics class running at Happy Bear (7th floor of Living Mall on Bade Road). Teacher speaks English. Children in the class are aged 2 1/2 to 4, at the moment. It’s on Friday mornings. PM me if you want more information.

You can also find more class information on my blog Look up “Interesting Classes”.