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So the controversy about facebook privacy practices has become mainstream recently, concerning an increasing amount of people. Is it because now politics made it part of your arguments against The Others? whatever it is, now people start to realize that facebook is not that nice, not always…

Personally I decided long time ago, before it became popular in my country, that I wouldn’t use it, for reasons that might be a bit stupid perhaps (it gets the rights of your pictures, and I used to hang out with some nerds who convinced me it was evil… and maybe they were right after all). I have regretted a few times since then but I felt awkward to create an account… and now I’m happy being out of it.

However, facebook DOES track people who are not even registered and stores data about them. Yeah, a bit annoying or even worrisome.

So… what can you guys do about it? Some suggestions:

  1. ask facebook to send you all your data
  2. ask facebook to remove your data
  3. unsubscribe facebook
  4. add this to your hosts file: https://steemit.com/block/@barryallen/how-to-block-facebook-with-hosts-file-for-windows
  5. use noscript, uMatrix or other extensions
  6. do not visit links to videos or other contents on facebook
  7. please do not post links to videos or other contents on facebook

I also don’t like the power that we are giving to google, and similar actions can be taken.

  1. http://www.wired.co.uk/article/google-history-search-tracking-data-how-to-delete
  2. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dont-track-me-google/gdbofhhdmcladcmmfjolgndfkpobecpg?hl=en

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As a very very early user of Facebook, when you still needed a “.edu” e-mail to even join. I have been through lots of “eras” of Facebook. Holy cow, I suddenly remember the time when there was no wall or feed.

I used to be one of those users that would share everything and make updates to my status on a daily basis. If I hadn’t made an update, something was seriously wrong. Nowadays, FB is more of a way to stay connected with old friends, keep up with news from my hobbies and an extra source for restaurant/store info. I think I am averaging 2-3 posts a year after 2015-2016.

Nonetheless, all my activity has gone over to Instagram and occasionally, I do make videos and post them publicly on Youtube. I don’t really do it for the attention or for monetary reasons, how I see it is, IG/FB/Youtube and the other social media apps are just today’s diaries, photo albums and VHS/camcorders, it’s our generation’s way of keeping a record. Now, of course, it’s completely up to the person sharing the pic/video on whether they want to publicly or privately share.

I don’t think “privately share” means what you think it does.

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Facebook owns Instagram, so they’re still getting and manipulating your private information. Nothing different in that regard even though less random people see Instagram, Facebook still receives and uses the private data.

So you better add Fuck Instagram to this subject title.


In lieu of what has happened. You’re probably right.

Might as well just share it with everyone since there’s no difference now.

Just a small remark: when we talk about facebook tracking you and storing your data, it doesn’t mean just your posts, but your activity across many (most? all?) websites. Same with google. They can know and analyze your hobbies, your affiliations, your social networks, the cafes, restaurants, etc… where you have been (just because of your IP, or the wifi you are using, or even your GPS I guess), the websites you have visited and for how long, etc…

an article from 2016:

Let’s see what happens with that.

For safety reasons! :smiley:

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Yeah, I remember what an uproar there was when the feed first came, and FB opened up to non-college users. Those outrages seem so quaint now.

Been checking that dumb site daily since 2005. I’m a bit surprised another, better social network didn’t come along and replace it, like how FB usurped MySpace.

What? You’ve never heard of Forumosa? :sunglasses:


I’ll have to check this place out…


Is Forumosa accumulating sensitive user data? @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Yes definitely

Fcuk me…

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