Bank Fees for international SWIFT transfers

Hi all. I am wanting to set up a forum to list all of the different banks and what they charge for international transfers.

Let me go first:
Cathay bank $300 NTD or (600NTD and they pay the fees on the other end too)
E.sun bank $100 NTD plus postage of 400 = $500 NTD
CTBC $600 NTD (from what I remember but correct me if I’m wrong)

HUA NAN charged me $400

I think out of all the banks Huanan is the cheapest. I remember CTCB charging close to 1000 for a SWIFT transfer.

There’s about 200-500nt fee for incoming SWIFT transfer too.

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They always charge me $200 in total for incoming transfers.

If you’re willing to go premier, most banks have free wires

ESun premier has free incoming wires and one free outgoing wire per month. I use them because they have good forex rates.

I use E Sun because it’s the only way for me to receive paypal funds.

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How to get “premier”? Am I too poor for that if I have to ask? :thinking:

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Depends on how much you deposit with them. (Also many will count not only deposits but also stock holdings you may have under their brokerage accounts too such) I nearly went premier with E.sun. But after the credit card fiasco and how they basically offered me a charge card because of my foreigness… I told them to go stick it

It’s worth noting that. But I’m trying to list the fees for general people

But work out the costs mate. They do charge a high percentage fee. Depends how much you transfer in one go I guess…

For Cathay United if you want to pay all the fees (OUR) they charge me 800. To be specific the case is sending EUR to a EUR IBAN account in Italy. For SHA fees the charge is 300. Did you get any discounts from them? for credits I pay always around USD 6.7 for my salary credit into the foreign currency account.

How much do I need? Like over 3 million or something?

Bank of Taiwan

  • Charges 匯費 0.05% of the remittance amount (Minimum TWD 120 // maximum TWD 800)
  • Postage 郵電費 TWD 300


MIN.TWD120.00 MAX.TWD800.00。







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This is such an odd thread.

Literally just check the fee list. Or call the bank.

Like this page for E.SUN or for Cathay.

Unless you are asking for deviations from those pages and hidden charges.

I guess you are looking for more material for your blog rants. Called living in TW or something.

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Unlike some who are here to troll… I’m just trying to gather information to be helpful and perhaps help myself. You never know as these aren’t exactly advertised and there are often hidden secrets etc.

Why go looking to every different bank to find the cheapest fees when you could just come here?

Also, I don’t own that blog site and I’m unsure how this thread would help with that site…

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I’ll double check today

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Surely getting the correct information from the bank websites is better than the “I think it was $XXX” that you are going to get from users here. I would hope, that for any blog post you are making, you reference the bank’s official site rather than randos on here.

You can double check… but this would be a good reference

Again. I’m not making a blog post for this. But if you keep saying I am… then I might :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Randos on a forum are never a good reference