Bank of America ATM?

Are there any in Taipei?

I have BoA now and when I move to Taiwan hope to just continue using ATM card to get cash out of my account. Is this wise? Or should I take most in cash and transfer it to a Taiwan bank when I arrive?

After thinking for a second, I guess I can just take it all out there via atm and just get the none BoA ATM bank fee each time. Just wondering if this is most common. Just got declined by citibank for credit reasons…that was my first option.

There’s a BofA on Tun Hwa N Road, but surely it’s going to be a pain in the ass trekking up there everytime you need NT$.

You can easily find a financial institution at home (credit unions, for example) that doesn’t charge you for ATM use at other banks. Open up an account there and then you can use any ATM in Taiwan for free.

As long as Bank of America is part of the Cirrus Network or the Plus Network, then you can withdraw your money from almost any ATM machine in Taiwan.

Well, I’m not sure if the ATM machines at the post offices are connected to the Cirrus and Plus networks, but I’m sure that almost all of the ATM machines at the banks are on the Cirrus and Plus networks.

Yes but he’d get dinged $1.75 for it each time

BofA isn’t known as “National Nickel-and-Dime” for nothing.

I used an ATM at a bank (not BOA) I just chose at random while walking around Taipei. I even had the option of doing the transaction in English. When I received my statement from BOA, I noticed I was charged three dollars US for the fee.

Bank of America in Taiwan doesn’t have consumer services. They only handle corporate customers and investments, so I doubt they even have an ATM machine.