Bank Robbery in Taipei

Bank robbery in Taipei with an assault rifle. Security guard shot.


unless he’s fled to the high mountains of the central range, I give it about a week before he’s caught given all the CCTV cameras on the island.


Now that’s a news story seldom seen in these parts. I’m glad nobody was killed.


That reminds me of the guy, who fled into the mountains around Taichung. They could never find him as he knew the area well. Eventually his girlfriend lured him into Taipei and betrayed him after she found out he was two timing her. I think he was called The Black Ox.


That is some pretty serious looking hardware he is carrying…


No doubt an evil marijuana-smoking long-nosed foreigner supplied him.

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Don’t tell me how to rob a bank.

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If I have read that article right, the theft of the taxi was actually opportunistic. His driver hopped out to take a leak. Wonder what the plan A was …


We need sensible gun control laws to get these assault rifle off the street (sarcasm).

M-16 my ass. I’m no gun expert and even though the photo quality is low, that looks more like sub-machine gun, not an assault rifle.

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Sounds very fishy, not very likely that a driver leaves a passenger in his car just like that. Maybe the driver was “asked” to take a leak?


No kidding. It’s way too convenient to simply be serendipitous.


Or maybe the driver noticed the gun a little too late and decided the car wasn’t worth his life. So he made an excuse to get the hell out of there.

These are pretty rare In Taiwan
I remember the very first bank robbery in Taiwan
If I recall correctly he was executed

Judging by the photo, I’d say the guy was about 5’7”, 120 to 140 lbs (~170 cm, 55 to 63 kg).
There’s no way a guy like this could control a two- handed assault rifle with one arm as is shown in the photo. His other arm is busy holding the sack. The gun appears to be shorter than the length of his arm. An M-16 is roughly 100cm long. Those reporters don’t know jack shit about guns. But then again, maybe they had clearer photos to look at.


My :2cents: the guy wont get caught, this seems too well-planned. Not fancy, but simple, stolen taxi, out in less than 90msecs with almost 1M, the guys a pro :popcorn:

Looks kind of like a Mac-10 to me, but it’s pretty blurry.

Why don’t these guys get a boat out. They always stay in the island and get caught.

He might do just that. It was the first thing my mom said when I said “how the fuck does this man expect to stay hidden on this little potato.”

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These idiots always seem to stay on the island. Doesn’t anyone plan past the robbery?