Banks that do not charge fees for transferring cash to other local banks?

Is there a bank that doesn’t charge for transferring money to another local bank? Seems it’s typically around 15-30 NT for a transfer unless the target bank is the same. There must be an easier way than withdrawing the money from the ATM and going to the teller at the other bank?

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No. That’s the price of convenience. It’s 50¢ US. it’s not worth anyone’s time to think about. In Canada it’d be $5.

The 50¢ I pay at the ATM has saved countless dollars of my time.

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When i send money online (website or App) between my 2 local banks, they do Not charge anything. Been doing so for years.
You can send up to NT$50,000 per day to other people’s bank account (by website or App).
An ATM is more likely to charge the NT$15-30 between local banks, even if in same name.

Only HSBC as I know on their higher tier accounts doesn’t charge a fee. I usually just pull out money from my one account, cross the street and deposit it in the other. But yes otherwise there is a fee

Jimbob132 strikes again. Wasting hours trying to find a way to save literally dimes out of his 7 digit income.

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CHB is 10nt , but not sure if all amounts or all banks are also 10nt but i just sent money to fubon(560nt)

Yes there is. Just assume there is a small penny fee by law, and stop worrying about it.

Many banks give you a few free transfers a month if you have your salary paid into an account with the bank. See which bank your employer uses.


If your bank account is your salary account, you have a monthly quota. I have a few bank accounts and Taishin and DBS are the only accounts that don’t charge a transfer fee, despite my salary not going into there.

online banking or the banks app are usually free. I pay comission at atms, but not if I use the e.sun app

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Forget about not getting charged to transfer cash to another bank, I was shocked to my bank charged a fee to deposit money into my own account at the bank.


How much are you depositing? Smaller amounts (like 50k) can be deposited at the ATM’s.

I was trying to deposit USD into my foreign account. They charge .28% of whatever amount you are depositing.

Foreign currency deposits or withdrawals in cash can have some fees, yes.

Maybe I should adopt the habit of hiding my money under my mattress like the locals then.

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That’s how you stay rich, Warren Buffett would do the same!

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If you want to transfer TWD between those banks for free (your own accounts)

you can sign up for Easy Wallet

Top up from one bank and withdraw to the other. Money is transferred and available instantly.

I transfer out my salary from CHB this way, because they are foreigner unfriendly. I don’t want to go to their bank or give them any fees.


On a related note, are there bank networks for ATMs and inter-bank transfers here and, if so, does anyone know what they are? That is, networks that allow me to withdraw money etc. from my account with bank A at an ATM of bank B without being charged.

Specifically interested in those for Mega Bank and Standard Chartered, as my closest branches aren’t especially convenient.

I’ve never seen an inter bank network and I’ve had various accounts.

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Don’t know about a formal network but SC doesn’t charge any fees for my account from any ATM within Taiwan, any number of times a month.

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