Banned by the mods

I knew this would happen sometime or another…I never figured it would happen because of the relatively benign debate we were having in the “FIRST IMPRESSION IN TAIWAN” thread. This shows the obvious bias coming from the moderators. They don’t want to have any viewpoints contrary to the popular far right conservative anti-asian ones on this board. $10 bucks says they won’t do anything with the very racist Mailongdong but will ban all asians that voice similar viewpoints to mine in defense of asians. What a crock of B.S. i’ll be sure and send a message to both and asian-avenue regarding the obvious anti-asian stance this forum has adopted. It’s a damn shame really…I won’t be censored for my beliefs however. I have about 2000 anonymous proxies and many more e-mail addresses I can literally bombard this forum board with if I want to. For people that claim to be part of the “west” in ideology and thought you sure are acting like a bunch of armchair fascists with your censorship. Not surprising really…

Hmm, why do I think of the Travelling Wilburys now? “Congratulation”?
Or lets switch to the Beatles:
Something in the way you talk
might have to do with being banned now…
This is probably not about viewpoints, but about how you “express” them. There are people like Sandman who have in some cases a “slightly” opposite view to a few moderators, but I haven’t noticed so far Sandman would have been banned. I guess you will say something like he is not asian - right, but he also does not behave like you.
So instead of riding up on your “racial” wave, why don’t you get down and talk calmly and seriously, without insults, just as it could be expected even from 24 year old people…

I agree. It’s not what ABCguy said, but how he went about saying it. (He was just as blind to his own racism as everybody else, but I assume that’s not a reason for being banned.)
UrbanJet is another example of differing opinions; he had very different views from many people, and many heated debates followed (some of which were very good); yet throughout it all there was generally a sense of… respect for others (amazing!). (I miss him anyways, he had clear, logical arguments, and actually discussed things… what happened to him?)

I think the main issue is that ABCguy simply did not discuss. He had his own rigid (some would say narrow) set of thinking, accused other people of having rigid thinking, accused anyone from the West (except himself of course, and especially white people) as being inherently racist and out to get the Asian man down, sidestepped arguments, never conceded any points whatsoever (although he kept demanding others to ‘see the light’), physically threatened people, and blew up at anyone with differing opinions. That’s just not discussion, and IMHO his contributions generally didn’t add to the level of intellectual conversation. Plus his racist comments (which it seems like he could never see) often sparked very heated responses; as these responses to his posts were often reactions to insults (real or perceived), they in turn only added to the cycle.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind an official explanation from the mods as to why he was banned. I’m not paranoid it was racism, but I’d just like a clarification (even if he would never believe there’s any possibility beyond racism).

And ABCguy, your threats to ‘spam the website’ with your anonymous proxies is certainly not helping your cause; it simply reinforces the opinion most have of you being immature.

(By the way, I say all this in a calm, non-attacking manner. Seems like I have to state this often sometimes lest people misinterpret my intention. Plust I rarely get to use the word lest.)

Hello Olaf, LittleIron,

I feel you summed up why ABCguyXX – and a number of others – were suspended last night. Many thanks.

Here’s what it all boils down to for me: is your online behaviour so offensive to others that it inhibits discussion? If it is, you aren’t welcome.

Our team of moderators at ORIENTED recently discussed a short list of members who clearly violate the spirit of these forums. I banned the entire list. Some of the members will be invited to return at some point. Obviously, some will not be invited.

Folks, if you feel a member in your discussion is way out of line, please make your case to the moderator of that forum or by sending e-mail to

A reasonable explanation of your views will likely lead to a warning for that member, and an eventual suspension if that person chooses to ignore the moderator’s warning. Please take the Rules of the Forums above as a guideline. The moderators have ultimate responsibility in how they manage their forums.

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