Banned substances in bread


they make such a stink over ractomine in US pork . Which I agree. And yet they ok these chemicals even banned IN CHINA ?? Makes no sense


'We almost consume flour every day"…another classic from George Liao.


“ADA is also used in the manufacturing of rubber soles and yoga mattresses.” sweet


That was just a cynical move to protect local pork producers from foreign competition. It was never about protecting the health of the country’s citizens.


Apparently both are still legal (although not often used due to public awareness) in the forward-thinking US of A.

I rarely eat bread anyway, so that’s one less carcinogen I’ve been ingesting :slight_smile:


No wonder the bread tastes “rubbery” at times?


Uh gee it seems like the OP is getting his BP up for no reason. Here are the US FDA guidelines for azodicarbonamide:


Subpart I–Multipurpose Additives

Sec. 172.806 Azodicarbonamide.
The food additive azodicarbonamide may be safely used in food in accordance with the following prescribed conditions:

(a) It is used or intended for use:

(1) As an aging and bleaching ingredient in cereal flour in an amount not to exceed 2.05 grams per 100 pounds of flour (0.0045 percent; 45 parts per million).

(2) As a dough conditioner in bread baking in a total amount not to exceed 0.0045 percent (45 parts per million) by weight of the flour used, including any quantity of azodicarbonamide added to flour in accordance with paragraph (a)(1) of this section.

And Benzoyl Peroxide is used in hundreds of anti-acne medications (and it IS absorbed into the skin).


Commercial bread is full of additives and enhancers. Here are the ingredients for a Big Mac Bun
Big Mac
Ingredients: Enriched Flour (Bleached Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Water, High Fructose
Corn Syrup and/or Sugar, Yeast, Soybean Oil and/or Canola Oil, Contains 2% or Less: Salt, Wheat Gluten, Calcium Sulfate, Calcium Carbonate, Ammonium Sulfate,
Ammonium Chloride, Dough Conditioners (May Contain One or More of: Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, DATEM, Ascorbic Acid, Azodicarbonamide, Mono and
Diglycerides, Ethoxylated Monoglycerides, Monocalcium Phosphate, Enzymes, Guar Gum, Calcium Peroxide), Sorbic Acid (Preservative), Calcium Propionate and/or
Sodium Propionate (Preservatives), Soy Lecithin, Sesame Seed.


I guess they are the ingredients that make the bread last forever here.
What’s the one that makes it all spongy and soft?


this one I think

Almost 500 Foods Contain The ‘Yoga Mat’ Compound. Should We Care?


And still cannot get a poppy seed bagel.


Quoting the FDA on food standards is a bit like quoting Cecil Rhodes on race relations. They have, shall we say, a rather lopsided view of the subject.


Ever since their budget was slashed, the results go to the highest bidder.

There really is nothing wrong with these additives. We have been eating them for sometime.

Finding out about additives in food is a little like being in the middle of a 10 hour flight, then finding out the pilots have been dead since after takeoff. You made it this far. The pilots being dead has not, to that point, affected your flight. Landing might be a cheek-clincher, but nothing is guaranteed.


These two additives, which can induce asthma, harm liver, and even cause cancer, have been banned by the European Union, China, New Zealand and Australia long ago.

Seriously, no wonder why I feel that my health is getting worse every single month in this country. Forbidden even in China!


Food should be more wholesome. Less chemicals. If it doesn’t last fine. We need to go back to fresher food.

Many additives allowed today are later found to be dangerous.


All the breads I find in bakeries are sweet or kind of sweet. Makes me wonder if salt isn’t in the banned list…:ponder:


It’s still permitted in the US and Canada.
It seems another chemical was worse, Potassium Bromate, wonder if that is permitted here?

I’d buy bread that said eat in two days. That would be a selling point for me!


Of course you can’t! If you consumed 27kg of poppy seeds you might get a little bit high.


You can make your own, you know.

My mum used to grow opium poppies in the backyard, just because she could. Apparently it isn’t illegal in the UK. They do make lots of seeds and they’re easy to grow.


You see them growing wild even.