Banner ad thingies

I see we’ve got banners at the bottom of pages advertising Segue, but I’m already here… :?

The banner-ad is to remind you where you are so that you don’t do anything strange. Doesn’t seem to be working for everyone.

The banner ad that appears after I post lists some of the good stuff I can get/do here, then tantalises me with “and best of all” before the page redirects. I never find out what is best of all.

This is really infuriating!

I’ve set up Pop-Down banners for lurkers to the forum. When you arrive to most Segue Taiwan webpages, you have 30 seconds to login, or a Pop-Down appear (this is a “pop-up” window that appears behind the current window)

I plan to rotate banners that refer to specific topics and forums, tips about how to use this website more efficiently, and promotional ads for friends and other Taiwan-related websites.

pop-ups, pop-downs and pop-unders all smell :x

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