Banners on Segue?

Where would you like to see banners displayed on Segue?

  • Way down below, where I have to scroll to see them
  • Vertically, but preferably on the right side, where I can’t see them if I adjust my browser size
  • Up top and visible, using the standard banner size (468 x 60)
  • I’m indifferent – banners on a website are normal (just don’t use those annoying pop-ups)
  • No banners anywhere-- you have to figure out how to promote the website some other way

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When ppl ask me about doing a banner exchange with Segue, I tell them that banners will come, but they will be relegated to the bottom of pages here.

I’ve been told that the thin but tall 120 x 800 banner size is becoming a standard for content websites. Do you think we should position banners visibly, even if it means narrowing the forums? (probably by about 150 pixels)

I’m curious what our regular members think. Banners will only be added to Segue around Chinese NY. Banner space will only be offered FREE of charge, but usuallly in an exchange banner deal

I think their prominence would have to be proportional to their perceived benefit in promoting segue. I don’t much like those “skyscraper” banners.

I favour at the bottom of the page where people can easily ignore them if they want. Yes, banners are seemingly a part of most web sites now, but does not have to follow the crowd.

I have put a on my own web site but I don’t really expect a banner on in return. I think a link on the links page of is enough (and seems to be generating hits).

There has to be some assessment of the costs and benefits. There should be some statistics on the amount of traffic generated by banners on the old “Oriented” site. If banner exchanges can bring new people who can contribute meaningfully to the forums then they would be a good idea. If people just come to, have a look for one minute then leave, then the banners aren’t really worthwhile.

Another thing to consider is do banners make the site more difficult to read. For example, flashing banners with lots of “click here” buttons on them can be distracting. If there were banners you could have rules about the style of the banner.

Another question is will all banners be on an exchange basis with non-commercial web sites or will paid advertising come onto the site too?

I used Segue’s lousy search function then tried google. What is PPL?
Here are some of the matches from Google

(The Edinburgh-based company that cloned Dolly the Sheep.)

Presbyterians Pro-Life

PPL: The Parma Polyhedra Library

Parallel Processing Letters (PPL)

Project for Pride in Living


PPL = People! God, how much did I drink last night? I was hoping that Segue was going to get hooked up with the sheep cloning people, and that they would send us a couple of ewes.
Segue doesn’t need banners on other websites. It comes up easily enough when you do searches on Google, Yahoo, and the like. That’s how I found Segue.

Some web pages with links to Segue
Some more
Still more

why have banners at all? why promote the website? does it need promotion?

Some more questions, but these directed right back at you:

Well, how did YOU hear about this website? Doesn’t it make sense to find a web community all about Taiwan from other Taiwan-related websites?

And what is so terrible about free banner exchanges?

Up to this point, we’ve relied on the kindness of strangers to keep this website plugging along. Volunteer moderators, administrators working on the sly and word of mouth. This is all warm and fuzzy, until you start to read about how UNmarketed this website is – can’t pronounce the name… it’s not advertised anywhere… “no one” has heard of it.

Well, there isn’t a whole lot that can be done about this. We have a marketing budget of zero – or less than zero if you count the amount of man-hours the team at Segue has put in here as a cost. I’ve got the Google thing going, and registered the name on search engines – but the exchange links and banners thing is probably the most compelling.

So let’s put banners on the website – advertise New Coke? Charles Schwab?? Grand Met?!? No – I’m talking about putting up ads to OTHER Taiwan websites. Is this so terrible? (Why?)

Why no it isn’t. Ads from Coca-cola and Micky D’s would be Ok too if it helped.

I’m down with that, make your banner and post it. Just tell me what size.

I heard about it from word of mouth. I thought word of mouth was doing a pretty good job - i heard about oriented the first day i came back to taiwan and perhaps mistakenly, just assumed everyone knew about it.

but yeah, i guess if no one has heard of it and there are only five posters here talking to themselves, it does make sense. the only thing i don’t like about banners (other than aesthetics) is they sometimes cause pages to load slower. so can i change my vote to bottom of the page?

It’s great that you’re asking, Gus. It really says something about your integrity. :sunglasses:

Personally, I think that it would be great to do banner exchanges with sites of the same ilk (if they’re interested) or perhaps to exchange postings with them in the “links” section. The bottom (where they wouldn’t interfere with our reading) would be ideal.

Commercial banners? Hopefully not, but if they prove to be a necessary evil…

Gus, put the banners wherever you want! This is free site, we as members should have no say in how many and where you place your banner ads. You have to make money somehow or you will just have to close the site down, right? Umm, maybe this site is cheap and doesn’t cost a lot to maintain, but still these non-paying members can’t say a darn thing about ads.

Maybe if you charged people NT$200 or NT$1,500 if they don’t want to see ads, you can have the ads blocked for them, or they can use banner blocking software.

Good luck!

This will be the link to a page that shows what banners rotate here on

I’ll try to keep it up to date, but if something looks strange, please do not hesitate to PM me or write to the admin(at) e-mail address

Up top and visible fer shure. No matter who the advertiser (Come Caca or Alleycat). Just one per page, standard size, always in the same location. Easy peasy to deal with for both the reader and the advertiser as it can be both easily seen and easily ignored.


I think there are too many banners on Forumosa, especially Sandman, he’s done way too much banning.

Who is linking to Forumosa these days?

Some web pages with links to Forumosa
Some more
Still more

Are banner ads generating any donations/revenue now? I saw a Hess banner ad and figured they should be paying for their banner ads, if anyone should. Just curious.

Neo, see this topic:
[Hess banner
There are some particularly good points made by Gus and Maoman on the second page of the thread.