Banning all 2 strokes

What are the chances of this? Isn’t it an easy way to make the pollution less? OK, not easy, but say they had 5 years to do this… I SO love the PGO scooters, but can’t find any 4 strokes…it sucks:(

What are you talking about??? PGO’s G-Max is a 4-stroke… That’s the only PGO scooter I’ve ever seen that I consider exciting in any manner whatsoever… they have both 2V and 4V versions… best being the 200cc, which I believe is a 4V~ there’s also a 150cc

Ok Ok…I forgot about the G-max…but that thing looks like a Praying Mantis Transformer. Damn cool but I want to be able to find parking easily. That thing is like a house…I weigh bout 52kgs and there is no way I can lift its butt up to manoevre it into a nice parking spot. And I want space to have my dogs…

I LOVE the Hartford Magic 125.

Anyone seen these new-ish scooter thingies around? Has big wheels like a sickle but a scooter power unit. Twist & go. GPR its called, maybe? Anyone know anything about them?

Sandy -
Is it one of these? … %20scooter

added:…naw, doesn’t look like it is.

Nope. It’s more like a cross between a bike and a scooter.

Nope. Less motorcycle-looking than that, more scooter, but it’s getting there. Has some kind of spaghetti frame like some of those Ducatis. I think the tank must sit inside of that arrangement. Sounds strange but it looks pretty good.

The banning of two strokes would only make a small dent in the pollution levels of the city as two strokes only make up a small proportion of the vehicles on the roads these days. If you haven’t noticed already the smoke emitting from many poorly maintained four stroke engines including truck and bus diesel engines is by far a greater problem than the two strokes I see putting out clouds. Enforcement of existing regulations needs to be first ramped up before introducing even more laws that won’t be enforced by the police and relevant traffic departments. Taiwan has a very odd habit of producing a multitude of new laws every year before ever thinking of how to enforce them. Common sense comes first in my book.

Some of us are trying to do something about that. The EPA encourages people to report smoky vehicles of any kind via their website here:

I’ve reported many scores so far.

Ban em. And ghost money and rice field burning and SUV’s as well.
This guy hasn’t had any impact on the environment or supported Osama and co. in any way for 5 years.

Sounds like a terrible idea to me - I just bought an NSR!

The CPI GPR is BIG… I stopped next to one at a red light once while I was onmy hornet… I could swear it’s seat height was HIGHER than the hornet~ :o

Sounds like youre talking bout the Hartford Magic 125? … id=2&id=18

Yup, ban 'em. Regardless of how little or how much anyone thinks they contribute to environmental and air pollution, every little bit helps. I don’t see as many crap-spewing 2 stroke motorcycles anymore, but I still see too many million-year-old scooters trailing blue and white smoke out the back, the rider completely oblivious to what they are doing, or just an asshole who doesn’t give a shit. Fine them, ban the 2 stroke. Ever gone over a bridge in rush hour traffic behind someone on a crappy old 2 stroke spewing noxious exhaust?

I saw a guy with a scooter that he completely modified…and he had an exhaust that was flat…so flat that it almost didn’t stick out the side of the bike…must make it easier for parking here!
Has anyone ever seen that?

Some of us are trying to do something about that. The EPA encourages people to report smoky vehicles of any kind via their website here:

I’ve reported many scores so far.[/quote]

Thanks Dragonbones for that link. I shall definitely be using it in the future. Off topic does anyone have the information for where to contact about badly designed or poorly placed road signs, traffic lights etc? Oh and where to contact with videos and photographs of illegally driven or parked vehicles?

No idea…but if you’re gunna start complaining about badly placed roadsigns etc. …

You’ve sure got your job cut out for ya… I really don’t envy you…

Yeah, Taipei City has a general phone number for such things, 1999 (0) and they will forward the info to the appropriate department.

I have another number for the illegal vehicles, and will try to find it later for you – remind me! I might have posted it in another thread but have to run now; filing a lawsuit against a thief.