Bar(s) in Taipei with English music?

Please anyone can suggest which bar or bars in Taipei that open music in English.Anywhere in Taipei would be useful, thank you!

Any bar in Taipei, thank you.


English music or music in English? Rock and roll or dance or live music or what?

For music in English sitting in a bar there are many many places like Brass Monkey, revolver, Carnegie’s, triangle, on tap, James Joyce, Bobwundae, My Place, a lot of dance clubs.

English music??


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Put that K-pop down!

Thats actually just a few places :sunglasses:

Thank you, sorry for my bad English lol. I know that most of dance clubs here open music in English, but I’ve never been to bar in Taiwan before so not sure where to head. Thanks anyway!

Play music, not open music. We open presents but we play music. :neutral_face:

Aren’t you supposed to be hibernating? Don’t forget to close the light. :howyoudoin:


Bad Englishes wake me from me slumber…

8 responses, only 1 gave useful answer to question. Interesting ratio. So about 1 in 8 care to help.

Because it was already answered in the first response. Any and every bar in Taipei will have English music.

Or were you just patting yourself on the back for being better than everyone else?


So I answered all the bars that play music in English? Maybe sad for knowing all of them, or that the capital city of Taipei has only a few, or maybe just knowing the same ones that everyone here knows.

I was really making a different point. Humor is great but being a little helpful is great also. Or not .

No, you answered some of the bars that frequently have western clientele who speak English. EVERY bar in Taipei has English music.

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