Bar showing Rugby final today Taipei

I can watch at home OK but fancy bar experience for the final, don’t want big overcrowded/overpriced bar to watch, smaller local style preffered, any recomendations?

Vinyl Decision are showing the game. It’s a small, intimate record shop/pub that serves decent snacks:

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They said they’ll probably be playing music and not the commentary though. I’m sure Brass Monkey will, there’s On Tap but not sure

There’s the Hammer in Yongho, friendly and local! Right near the subway.

I think that was one of Mark’s jokes. He’s a hardcore England fan. There will undoubtedly be commentary.
The Brass Monkey will be hell on earth.

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Vinyl Decision had my company, Music played through out the game, brilliant playing Nirvana - Nevermind for second half, poor game from England commentry would have been so depressing.
England have tried their hardest BlahBlah!

Yes, England were not at the races today. Well played SA.

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Yeah, you’re welcome. :roll_eyes: