Barber to trim my beard

Hi there, have been growing my beard for the last 7-8 weeks and reaching the point where i will need a good barber for the first real trimming.
Really don’t want to have someone destroying it.
any suggestion?

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Where do you live…

His Profile says “new taipei city”… but yeah, for all such questions this info should be included clearly - else people tend to assume Taipei as default.

That could range from taoyuan to jhonghe. New Taipei City is just everyone outside of Taipei, weird why to group all of them in.

Hi, in yonghe but tbh, any barber in Taipei city would be great.

Sculptore barber is where I go for trim and straight razor shave. As one of the few Taiwanese that can grow facial hair, there’s not much options. But sculptor barber is good and a nice environment. A bit pricey but you get what you pay for. 500 for a trim.

Cheers bro.
Price is fine as long as he doesnt butcher it.
Can you share a link to their website or fb page.
Thanks a lot


Anyone know anywhere cheaper for a beard trim and shape

Cheers bro

You’re going to pay money for another person to trim your beard??

Jeez, there may be serious buck to be made opening a Nose Blowing and Sack Scratching Salon.
Stay tuned.

I know! I am trawling through the trusty profanasarious as we speak but cant seem to locate the phrase

Don’t get me wrong, I feel the brother’s pain.
If only there were some…technology available to empower him to overcome this terrible nightmare.
If only Big Cosmed would release their stranglehold on the little man, allowing a brother to master his own personal tonsorial destiny…
If only.

Oh wait.

So you are saying that you can ‘trim your beard’ using a scissors… That is freaking sick man, take your sick s&^t elsewhere.

Don’t judge, bra, it’s all good.

I guess so, presuming the scissors is willing and fully informed.