Bargain sites in Taiwan similar to Ozbargain in Australia?

Hi Everyone,

I recently moved to Taiwan from Australia and am in hotel quarantine, just want to ask if there is a website in Taiwan that is for bargains. The site we have in Australia is Ozbargain I am looking for something similar and don’t necessarily need to be in English.

Take care out there and thank you!


Ruten -
Shopee -
Yahoo Bid -

Thanks Marco!

Don’t feel they’re real ‘bargain’ sites.

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Yeah, they are more shopping sites but good to know them!

Most of Taiwan’s stores don’t have websites. Many stores often choose to sell on the online malls that I provided above. So things like coupon codes are rare here. You can always haggle.

Not much that is close to what you’re referring to.

You can always just google site name and 折扣碼 together

Ahh ok, I quite like Shopee there’s a lot of free stuff on there and coupons/promotions.

Yeah, it’s almost always brick and mortar here. Nothing like…let’s say Umart with its own checkout infrastructure.

For example, like, for computer parts.

CoolPC - 原價屋線上估價-含稅 is just an online catalogue and forum.
But they might have their own shopee account.

How come you know Umart are you from the Australia as well? Yeah its seems that way I don’t mind brick and mortar the Ozbargain site covers everything it tells you where you can “Product A” for the cheapest and mostly online stores but include brick and mortar as well.

I did find from your suggestion and it seems to be on the right track!

Actually, I’m Canadian, but gotta couple ozzie friends that we deal with each other in tech.

One worked at Umart as well

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That explains it Umart is not that big in Oz so I thought you were a local. Looks like you have a few friends around the world :smile:

haha. Yea my friends (me mates?) are Queenslanders.

That’s right mate I am from Queensland as well, we are a separate country currently its easier to go overseas in Australia than get into Queensland or Western Australia due to the very strict boarder controls.

In the UK, I use


I don’t know any sites exactly like that one, but my go-to is

It’s a price comparison site across the 23 major online stores, and you can search across 4 auction sites.

That might be closer to what you’re looking for. They are about the same, but they also have coupon codes and discounts. I don’t use them because, I think, you have to install a Chrome extension to click through to a site.

Every site has it’s own coupons, discounts, and brand deals, often for specific days or time periods. Plus you get points, coins, or whatever they call it following whatever rules specific sites set, and you can points for using specific payment methods, or combinations of such. For example, you might have a coupon for Shopee that gives you back 10% of your purchase in coins and your credit card might give you 1% cash back, or you might buy with LinePay on Momo, and get 2% in points from LinePay if you use one credit card, 3% if you use another. Your might get a better deal using your credit card directly. It all depends on who is doing what deal on what day with what site and with what combination. It’s a bloody headache.
I’ve found it best to pick a few sites and use that as a go-to. For expensive things or rare things I use FindPrice. I use Shopee most of the time and LinePay for places that accept it. Shopee has become annoying with their irregular deal events with coupons good for one day only and some good for a few hours only.

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Wow, thank you for the great write-up. I’ll check it out I agree about Shopee how annoying Shopee is :smile: