BARK: Backyard BBQ. Just like back home

Are you tired of only seeing squid and chicken butts on the grill?
Would you like a guilt-free pig-out session?
Do you miss backyard BBQs with your friends?
Do you want to drink too much and still feel good about yourself
Are you new to Taiwan and want to make some friends?
Do you love dogs?
Do you like to eat?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then there is something
you can do to help out the dogs of Kaohsiung while helping yourself
out. Treat yourself to a KICK BUTT burger and/or hot dog at the
upcoming BBQ in the park.

BARK animal rescue group will be having a fundraising BBQ at Heti
Park on SATURDAY, MAY 26th, from 2pm till whenever we run out of food
(maybe 7pm). We will have it near the bathrooms on the west side of
the park. Mark the date on your calendar, because it’s less than a
week away!

Please plan to come, stay a while, eat a lot, drink a lot and hang
out with some friends and if you have a dog, please bring it! Bring
as many people as you can too, so that we can all chill out and enjoy
a good old, back-home-style, backyard BBQ. We’ll have burgers, veggie
burgers, and hot dogs with all the fixings, veggies and dip, beer and
other drinks. Everything will be CHEAP and DELICIOUS! ALL PROCEEDS GO

Hope to see you there!

For details, please call 0917879059.


Do you love dogs?
Do you like to eat?[/quote]

Hmmm, :stuck_out_tongue: Special sauce for bbq dog?

Classic Lori! :roflmao:
Hope the dogs have a good time too!