BARK Fundraiser- PARTY for POOCHES

[color=darkred]Hi Everyone!

Check out details for BARK’s upcoming fundraiser “PARTY for POOCHES”.

We are currently selling raffle tickets and you are going to want to buy some because we’ve got over $70,000nt in prizes!

You could be the lucky winner of:

1 Year Fitness Factory Membership
Valued at $30,000nt

Free Flight to Macau Valued at $8000nt

Scuba Diving Discounts Valued at $12,000nt

Yoga classes Valued at $6000nt

Massage and Cosmetics Valued at $4,000nt

VIP cards for Pet’s World Valued at $5000nt

Professional Photography by Alex Williams
Valued at $4000nt

Gift Certificates to Foster Hewitt’s
Valued at $1000nt

Gift Certificates to The Bayou
Valued at $1000nt

Gift Certificates to The Lighthouse
Valued at $1000nt

and more!

So, we hope that you will join us at PARTY for POOCHES on June 20th at
Private Party Nightclub at 10, SihWei 4th Road, B1, Kaohsiung.
$300nt cover charge includes 1 drink. $250nt of that will be donated to BARK
along with 5% of total drink sales.
What a great excuse to go out for a night and party!

You can purchase tickets at the following locations:

The Lighthouse

The Bayou

Foster Hewitt’s

Huarong Animal Hospital

or contact me.

At only $100nt each, tickets are selling fast so get 'em while you can!

Thank you all for your support![/color]

Can I bring my ‘fuck off’ Pit Bull to the party?