Barnes & Noble shelves e-books: did you ever try?

[quote]Barnes& has discontinued sales of e-books, according to a statement on the company’s Web site.

Customers using Microsoft’s eBook reader have until Dec. 9 to access downloads purchased from the store, while Adobe Reader customers have 90 days to retrieve any outstanding files, according to a notice posted on the site Tuesday. Meanwhile thousands of e-book titles were listed as unavailable.

“B& no longer sells eBooks,” the statement noted.[/quote]

Were they ever worth the experiment? I tried reading one or two on my pc, hated the experience, found it unnatural. The software mostly didn’t live up to expectations, either.


Yeah, I tested a couple from Amazon as well as BN. It was awkward, cumbersome, at best. It ain’t nothing like flipping through books…

Looks like books and paper will still be around after all.

Do you have to pay for these ebooks? If so, better off with Kazzalite, Emule, or something like that. You can dl them for free. You didn’t hear it from me.

I heard this thing called the “Internet” is going to be big…

You never know Schhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu