Bars and Clubs in Tainan

Any good clubs in Tainan? Going there tomorrow eve.

And if that’s a yes where are they located?

Is Fusion still up and running?


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Hi Guys,

Im new to Tainan. Is there a significant Bar/ Clublife in Tainan?
Like are there at least some few good Bars or Clubs where you easily can meet girls and other foreigners?

I just know its much smaller than Kaohsiung or Taipei. But still good?

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Two of the places I frequent most often in Tainan are Tin Pan Alley ( … ts&fref=ts) where there is live music/DJs every weekend plus great food. Also, the Armory is the late night spot for sure

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Thanks Marcus a for reply.

So basicly there are 2 good places? Compared to kaohsiung or Taipei where there are heaps of bars and clubs - how much smaller is it? Are there a couple of “foreing-bars” where most foreigners hang out - like brickyard in Kaohsiung or Roxy, Wax and co. in Taipei? Or at least a good Club like Myth?

Marcus was just telling you about the good ones. There is also a bunch of shit, just like any other city.
Pubs/Bars - Tin Pan, Armory, Red Wolf, Willy’s, Artful Dodger…
Clubs - Muse, Fusion, The Orient, La Sight, Armory…
or ask more on

There are some decent places not mentioned.

Will add addresses when I figure them out.

Dive is a good place to go for a beer. The other places I’ve been to have all been listed. I can’t say I care for the scene in Tainan but if you’re looking to “meet girls and other foreigners” you’ll probably find something to satisfy your needs.

Armory is permanently closed (or moved).

There are a lot of bars plus other places for nightlife.

Anyone have any current suggestions for nightlife bars, pubs, dance clubs, etc.?


A bit of shameless plug here but here it goes…

This is my little side gig and it has great bar with great bartender who mixes killer drinks. We are pretty quiet so it’s not a party place, but you can indulge yourself with genuine American style sushi and adequate cocktails before you head out to the Red Wolf or Legends or wherever you’re headed to after. We’re open from 6 to 12 midnight on Saturdays and if we are picking up I’m considering Friday nights as well. Come give it a try!



Whoah … that actually makes me feel a little nostalgic. And old.

Great outdoor spot.


I usually avoid places that put “american” and “sushi” together…
But I’m so desperate here in Tainan I might give this a try :joy:
Tried some local western bars here, haven’t found a good one.

However if you’re interested in Japanese drinks there’s some nice izakaya out there with good sake and Japanese beers. Haven’t gone to one for quite a while, but if I remember correctly, you can find yebisu beer at oyaji, and Hakkaisan at 私之家. I prefer hakkaisan over dassai. (the latter is the more popular sake here in Taiwan) Hakkaisan is not easy to find here, I only know this one sushi place that serves it. Oh but to be honest, they don’t really serve it right… what a waste. I like my beer and sake in a frozen glass. They don’t do this here :disappointed:

Hey man!
Sorry, we closed due to partnership discrepancy.
I am working on a new location with better menu and alcohol, but with the virus situation we are not set for a while.

I am a Japanese American who had a traditional sushi training in America and was a GM for a sushi restaurant in Pacific Northwest for almost 10 years. I frequently visit Japan to see my folks(when it was normal) and understand what real sushi is, probably better than most.

I’ve been to most of the places in Tainan and they do it okay, but I am aiming for real traditional taste with western touch. I only served what I can get because my partners didn’t help with distributors, but that’s not a problem now.

Dassai is way over-rated, and yebisu is good but too pricy for what it is. Wedrink makes better locally brewed beer for better price.

I am trying to make a place that hits the “spot” for sushi eaters who had sushi in America, but with the current situation the future is looking pretty cloudy.

Thanks for your interest man. Hope one day you can try what I offer after all the mess is cleaned up in the world…


Yeah, I do go there once a while. Decently priced beer and happy hours are great!

Sounds nice! Please make a post here after you open the place. I thought dassai was overrated too. And yes Yebisu is super expensive here but it just got some quality in it I love so I’ll tolerate it :joy: otherwise I usually prefer European beer with stronger scent. This is the only Asian beer I like so far. Taiwanese beer is too light for my taste. Really looking forward to your grand opening. Hope I got a chance to try it before I leave. I’m probably leaving this summer. :disappointed:
Love the bars and izakaya in Japan. Japanese serves some good pizza too :joy:
It’d be nice to have a nice Japanese american place in Tainan. And since your half Japanese half American I think I could trust your taste :joy: :joy:

I like the way you think and eat and drink.

Can you recommend an Izakaya?

I like this one. Indoor outdoor easy to park.

No. 57號, Section 2, Minquan Road, West Central District, Tainan

Thanks man I’m flattered :joy:
But I don’t really know any good one here…
Oyaji and 私之家 is okay. Relatively good comparing to others places I tried here, but not quite living up to my standards. I actually hit some places where I couldn’t even finish the drinks…
Sorry I don’t know any good place in Tainan. Those 2 are okay and I would recommend them to friends who don’t usually drink and just wanna try something, but I wouldn’t recommend them to a person who’s used to the taste of fine drinks. Those 2 places got the right stuff but they don’t serve it right and to me that’s a sin. I’d go there once in a while to ease my craving for a good drink, but honestly they haven’t meet my standards yet.
Perhaps @Akisan2 here would have some recommendations? I mean I could really use a good drink now!

I tried 酒河豚 before. Don’t really remember the details but I remember liking it. I guess I was a bit disappointed about the drink menu so I stopped going there. I was really craving for Hakkaisan at the time.

Yeah I think 酒河豚 just kind of convenient because there’s street parking and you can just walk up usually and get a seat inside or outside.

I won’t call it great or special but just convenient and kind of fun with the style of the building

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