Bars and Clubs in Tainan

The beer selections are great in there. Give it a try next time!

I just found this place out. The owner is this young guy but he makes his own infused drinks and dried fruits and he is waaaay underrated.

No. 76, Zhengxing Street, West Central District, Tainan City, 700

Forgot the bar name. It’s tucked in a small alley, but it is very popular. He makes seriously good cocktails.

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Ha I just saw that place last night.

Infusion Room月下獨酌
70054, Tainan City, West Central District, Section 2, Minsheng Road, 69號後棟
06 221 9380


Stopped in to Bären Biergelden. Nice place for Chillazin. it’s almost like being in someone’s living room.

I love the comfortable feeling you have when you take your shoes off to walk down the hallway to go in the back and to the restroom.

Dunkle on tap?! Maybe the only spot in Taiwan.


Is it safe to eat that here? I heard that you raise chicken differently in Japan so it’s safe to eat semi cooked chicken and raw eggs. Didn’t know we can do that in Taiwan.

Btw I’m a reasonable person, decent food deserves decent money. I’ll find a day to hit all those places thanks for the recommendations.

And I do love cocktails. Been watching braindead and craves for a nice old-fashioned.

Legends Bar in Tainan, was one of the foreigner hangouts, is now closed. The staff are doing other things at Armory until they come up with a new plan, so I heard.

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I found that local food here is good but not foreign food. When it comes to foreign drinks/food it’s not also so satisfying here.

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That’s what I’m finding about Tainan. Great local food but hard to find good Western food. Good foreign Asian food can be found.

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I’m sure you tried Chris’s food in Factory. That’s as good as it gets when it comes to contemporary American.

Artful Dodgers, Willie’s , even Friday’s can somewhat fix that crave at times.(except my wallet)

I admit Willie’s make decent drinks. Not sure about other places except the place I’ve mentioned though…I’ve had good experiences with Dive, as I am familiar with those 2 owners. But I can see how this place can divide opinions.

I am working with Chris with our limited time to get back on my feet and get back to what I do best, so hopefully the virus won’t sh%t on us so that I can get our store on track, though nothing is guaranteed.


He gets locally grown wild range chicken. So there arent issues that I know of. I’ve had it many times and never had any problems.


The food is amazing.

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Way too many pubs n cocktail bars in Tainan. And it’s only Monday.

  • 敘酒 Hang Out Bar
  • Bark1 露天茶飲酒吧 台南海安店
  • Long Bar
  • DJ Vinyl Bar
  • Random talking bar
  • GO BAR
  • Bark2

The last time I was in Tainan, I ran across a craft beer bar called Beer Bee close to the Anping side. They had a great selection. Google Maps

I used to hangout at Tin Pan, Artful Dodger, Cosby Saloon. There’s a hole in the wall call Dive Bar on Haian road. The rebuilding of Haian is finally complete but it really crushed those businesses. Needless to say, most are gone and the ones that remain don’t feel the need to maintain anything. Really sad to see the condition that Artful was in. It used to be clean, great service and food, but now it has cobwebs everywhere and just loads of little crap piled in.

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Anping is mostly boring after dark.

Cosby Saloon is still open. I went there about a month ago and everything has turned yellow it’s so damn old. The pictures on the wall are from its Heyday I guess ~20 years ago. there are a couple music pubs on the same Lane but you can tell is old style.

Dive Bar is open. Two foreigner owners. It is truly a dive bar. I like the place nearby called Bark.

Armory. Still around and open!

Got to be careful… bar hopping… some bars you walk into and it’s $3000 if you sit down. Includes friendly talkers, to join you, all you can drink.

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This popped up as in “latest” and I was going to answer this. But the question is 16 years old.

Lots of talk in this other thread.

No idea about clubs, but I like Bar TCRC.

Begin my shameless plug

I will post yet another shameless plug here, again.
My sushi and sake truck is now running on Saturdays only in the heart of the Hai-an road.

It’s been interesting, to say the least. Most of the customers order my signature rolls, and quite a few come to drink beer and my carefully curated sake imported from Japan.

I’ve recently received new summer sake from Japan, and I can’t wait to share these with the customers. I’m also planning to open on Fridays soon as I teach part-time now.

If you’re in Tainan, please feel free to stop by and say hi!

end of shameless plug


That’s good to know. I’ll be in Tainan on Monday, Tuesday on business but it sounds like you’ll be closed.

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Looks great, if I am back in Taiwan will have to visit.