Bars in keelung

Anyone know where/what bars in Keelung and not the hostess type ones?

Bump. 13 years later still no answers?

I’m killing time in Keelung until midnight. Where to go chill pub, bar, lounge bar?

night market?

Keelung…The Ghost of Pubs past. :grin:

7-11 with a bathroom. Get a bottle of single malt. Bargain for an empty medium coffee cup. Get a bag of ice. Some garlic peanuts. And then chill. Start up a conversation with whoever sits around you. Get a hot dog and a bag of chips for your dinner. After you’re done with the scotch, get a bottle of cold water and finish the whole thing. Gain bragging rights for your 台客 night of chill for years to come.


Glad you mentioned the bathroom or I might end up at just another old regular 7-Eleven.

By the way it sounds like someone is speaking from experience.

Just finished my second Kirin beer in Hamasushi. Cold room, warm beer.

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13 years later. Still no bars in Keelung? What the fuck do people do there?

Commit suicide by jumping into the grimy harbour.
After drinking at 7-11 (hence we never hear from them).

Keelung is SOME FUKIN DUMP :joy::joy:.

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Blimey… and there’s me thinking Hsin Chu was bad.

Not yet. It’s something I’ve been thinking of as the quality of scotch improves at the convenience stores.

Johnnie Walker Black works for me.

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All the seats indoor and outdoor are full at convenience stores. Must be good air conditioning and cheap drinks and seating for smoking outside.

Seems about right.

How come there are no bars across from the cruise terminal to catch alcoholics that want more drinks as soon as they leave the ship?