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Judge gets plunked and punks the pitcher.

Yankees sweep the subway series. Touch and go though. Judge smashed a ball 453 feet. Ends with Mets having bases loaded and flying out. whew.

Left coast game was on too late for me, but happily surprised. Stanton back.

Nope. Not even in extra innings.

Judge (30yo) just hit #51!

32 games left in the season - at this pace (50 HRs / 125 games played), he could hit 12.4 more HRs = a total of 63

Put another way, he needs 11 HRs to get to 62, assuming 4 at-bats a game, he will need to launch one every 11 at-bats before the post-season starts

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Mike Ford with a shot as well.

It has been a challenge to sit through the Yankees show recently.

Judge at 53, but, what a colossal collapse. Team is banged up. Schedule is light, but even the AL crown is iffy now. :grimacing:

It’s going to be so hilarious if (when?) the Rays spray champagne celebrating a division title at the end of the season.


3 games in a row

27 games remaining so potentially 10.96 more HRs at the current pace

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…second time in his career Judge has homered in four consecutive games. He also did it in five straight games in 2020.

He’s now just six homers shy of Roger Maris’ American League — and franchise — record of 61

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Blowout part deux.

Back in beantown for # 56 and 57

Nester back to put the work in.

Good interleague game.

#59!!! Aaron Judge’s second home run of the game and he’s TWO away from Maris!


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In the same game, announcer (after he hit a base hit that didn’t clear the wall) says, “he’s the only man alive who can hit a 2 run double and you’re disappointed!!”

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Hopefully he can get the record on the books and the team can refocus on the post season, because Jesus. If they can’t win this year—-