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Yeah, that’s right. Like every other year, I got a good feeling.

This game was broadcast on Apple +. I mention that as they have some ultr high def shit going on that turned Stanton’s hr into a gd video game as he rounded third.

I have Nestor Cortes on my fantasy teams. He’s off to a pretty good start

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those damn Yankees…

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8 in a row.

Make it nine!

Judge returns with a bang.

And this was great!

Blue Jays take the final game of a really good series.

Looks like Cortes is coming back down to earth though!

Just a tad off wrt his control. He’ll be flying high again soon.

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Back in form today?

They have something like 20 straight games coming up. They look good. Rebounded today in a day game to beat Texas 1-0.

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1-hit ball from Nasty

Nasty is my current fave SP right now. Just fun watching him pitch. Dude looks like a plumber (Mario) that shouldn’t be good. That’s what’s fun about baseball… underdogs can be successful. Dude has basically turned a baseball into a whiffle ball.

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That Judge walk-off this morning off Romano hurt. I have Romano in one of my leagues. Can’t believe that was his first career walk-off.

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Do they still employ that large old guy who rubs everyone’s butts before they go to the plate?

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I’m honestly laughing out loud at Drebin’s antics there. Thanks for the laugh and the memories.

(As a kid Airplane, Police Squad! and Top Secret were some of my favourite films.) I remember I went to the cinema to watch Naked Gun and I didn’t leave disappointed.


Best record in baseball. Another series win against a division team. wut wut

Because I’ve commented already on this thread, I want to make it perfectly clear that I hate the Yankees and I’m rooting for the Jays to take the division. But I do have the Yanks/White Sox game on right now and they are crushing.

Stanton’s 397 foot line drive homer was a sight to see; and his 2 run homer was nice as well.
My kind of start to a road trip.