⚾ Baseball - MLB | Taiwanese Cheerleader Makes it to MLB Game

Mizuki Lin (林襄), who is considered a baseball cheerleading goddess by Taiwanese fans,… for more see linko

not many people go see BaseBall in USA it seems, saw lots of empty seats

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It’s the A’s. Many fans are boycotting the owners long term plan of not investing to force Oakland to build them a new stadium or get a move to Vegas done (which is all but a done deal).

Ever seen the movie Major League? The A’s owner is just copying that movie.

Watch the A’s game on June 13th. Apparently it’s going to be packed with fans wearing “Sell the team” shirts.

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Is they move to Lasvegas for money or other reasons like Oakland is bad?

Oakland fans have been pretty pissed off by the A’s organization and management. The A’s organization feels it’s the Oakland city government that’s holding them back and they want to move to Las Vegas. So yeah, people stopped going to the A’s games. I mean Money Ball happened because the organization was in the toilet. Ever since all other organization embraced data analysis based evaluation, the A’s hasn’t been doing well.

You kid, right? :wink: 100% about money. The owners are primarily looking for a new stadium / real estate development deal, not necessarily to move.

well I think not 100%, but a lot about money. Seems that and some cities not many want go see baseBall, so move to where they like baseBall?

Oakland has (had?) a really, really good fan base, but it’s tough for fans when ownership continually strips the team, crying poverty while being a relatively profitable teams (due to tv deals (even though they have a lousy tv deal (because they have a lousy team) and revenue sharing).

It’s 100% about money. Specifically development money for a new stadium and the area around the stadium. Fisher is looking to looking to make major bucks on the real estate development, and would likely have stayed in Oakland if the Riverfront development deal had come through (they had put $100M into it), but Oakland wanted to handle the offsite development (rather than let the A’s have it) as they felt it would hurt general fund revenue. Fisher wasn’t having any of that.