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Hi everyone,
There’s no introductions category, but I’m interested in where everyone is from. Expat or “ABC”? I’m curious about the American/European makeup.

I was born in Taiwan. My family moved to the states when I was six to join my grad student father. Not exactly the most rare storyline. I am a dual citizen who doesn’t live in Taiwan and only go back for weddings and funerals. I’m on here because this is the only corner of cyberspace wherein I can vent about Taiwanese baseball in the language I’m most comfortable in, English.

Didn’t know this even existed until the news report below.
Now you can follow some female Taiwanese professional ballplayers.



Native Rigellian speaker here. :slight_smile:

If you want to talk about baseball, have you met @hansioux? Another enthusiast often seen here is @Andrew0409, though he’s MIA for now…


Same here.

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…anything. Demographic wise, American, that’s me.

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The problem with Taiwanese baseball is they play like a bunch of pussies. The managers are dinosaurs that isn’t decisive in critical moments and always favor the senior players and don’t trust the younger players. The players don’t play hard, they don’t see do the other teams do. Slide hard taking out the 2nd baseman hard. They are too nice to do this. Too many mental errors on defense, especially when I see situations where the ball is kinda in between but neither guy says it’s mine and takes it quickly. Managers don’t utilize pitching matchup. They just don’t play hard and choke all the time. You ever see a guy get picked off at 3rd? In all my years of baseball I’ve never seen that. But we did it against Japan when the guy is the tieing run in the uniserade contest.


Looks ok to me.




They play baseball in Taiwan?

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What’s your point? The Lamigirls are sticking out their flat moneymakers.

Like Eddie Huang said, she probably drinks soy milk. Gotta drink whole milk to grow that bubble.

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Thanks for the summary. The good news is, the CPBL is installing Tracman technology into stadiums for two teams. They’re going be able to hold players accountable for whether they catch a ball or not.

I’m more upset in the international play. Trainers and managers are to blame. I mean how can you get picked off on 3rd as the tying run? If I was a player, I would have some strong word with him in the locker room. As a manager don’t even think about looking at the lineup because you ain’t going to be on it for a long long time. Not to mention they missed a routine fly ball to win the game as well in the the universiade contest as well. Infielder looks so confused on what they are responsible for and are a step behind and looks around and the other guys like what happened? Is that mine?

They just look like they are going to lose from the first inning. Especially in the WBC. What an embarrassment. Lineups are wrong l, pitching matchups and rotation is wrong. And I don’t understand their unwillingness to pull and guy right away. Pitchers look she’ll shocked and clearly does not want to be out there and has zero confidence in his stuff. I lick my lips seeing a pitcher like this. You have 4 games to qualify for the next round. Can can afford to make quick changes and burn through some pitchers quick. Every decision the manager makes I already see the disaster that is ready to happen. And the manager has been shit for years but only gets to be the manager because he was a good pitcher a long time ago.

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Well, we all know about the involvement of triads and gambling and thrown games in CPBL. So, perhaps what you see is just a part of that larger issue. Seems like every few years a group of players have been “outed” for throwing games, getting paid to do things, etc.

That problem was solved in 2010 when gambling came under control of the government.

sure, but with 4 incidents of it from 1997 to 2009, it kind of looks shady.
Once is out of the blue, twice is a coincidence, three times or more and we’re looking at a decent trend here. 9 years since the last one doesn’t mean that the underworld hasn’t tried again to do it. Just my neutral opinion only.

I agree with you on the pitching matchups. The Didi Gregorious fiasco was downright embarassing. I think they were slow to pull pitchers because the guys underneath them were crappier.

Taiwan’s largest problem, I think, is getting its best players to play.

Why did he not pull Ni quickly, he doesn’t look good at all on the eye test. I hate Ni, I actually went to a rangers game when the tigers came in town and asked for his autograph and he wouldn’t sign it, he wasn’t even that good to tell fans no. Want signed it for me when I caught him with the Yankees pre injury.

Just got a new glove for this baseball season. I love being in Taiwan because there’s actually baseball leagues and instead of bs softball. I decided to move to 1st base this year. image

So you’re in the US? You play in any leagues for fun?

That’s a nice first base glove. Sometimes they decline an autograph request because they think you’re gonna sell it.

I need to sign up for my work softball team. Thanks for the reminder.

It’s deeply ingrained cultural problem for sure.

  1. Cultural Affinity for Gambling
  2. KMT bringing the mafia over

Bad combo.

Come on, how much can I get for a ni fu te autographs even in Taiwan during his major league days. It’s clear I was a young fan that looked up to him at the time.

Any chance you’re in a fantasy baseball league? I keep looking for one where people draft and play seriously.