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If he gets citizenship it would be no problem right?

Hands down. This is what the relaxed dual citizenship law is made for. It’s the absolute bare minimum to try to attract top talent, and that’s what they achieved.

The bare minimum.

They don’t want us. They want Zuckerbergs to magically come to the realisation that they should move everything to Taiwan without consideration of what the old country did for them to allow them to make it.

And instead of a massive busta, they reward you with a piece of paper, a book and some pen ink. 50¢ of materials

Dwight “The Soft as Charmin” Howard

Dude is washed!!!

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Is there any basis to him getting instant citizenship? Seems unlikely even for Taiwan. Would really make us look like a cheap island if it were that easy and superficial.

I welcome him.

my guess is the reason is either political (freedom, China), or vaginal/family related. Any takers?

Kudos to the Taiwanese team for forking out the dough.

All his upcoming games are almost sold out.

Why would he want citizenship?


Yeah maybe he is genuinely into the idea of doing something different. Or Asian chicks.

245 million dollars is an insane amount of money.

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Good thing I know people in “high places” then.

No need to hassle with visas.

I actually think he will love it here. The fans will love him and he gets to have fun.


Why is this thread even discussing citizenship? With a few exceptions, foreign players don’t get citizenship.


why is he wearing a Magic jersey?

Never heard of him until now


Then you probably haven’t followed the NBA over the past 15 years or so?

lt all kind of went dowhill for him after leaving Orlando and hurting his back.

Media was busy labeling him as someone who didn’t take his job seriously.

Not being named one of the 75 best NBA players in history recently was a huge disappointment for him, then he did not find a team willing to sign him. Then he remembered how the fans in Taiwan adored him.


That is not an official jersey , is more like a retro style shorts and also he played with Orlando Magic for about 9 seasons (2004–2012)

He is just someone NBA doesnt want anymore . He is almost retiring age but then again its not new news as someone who dont seem to find any way in their own country comes to taiwan and suddenly now living the best life.

Good for him then


I think he will get tired of Taiwan rather quickly. Playing in that university arena after being in the NBA for so long, what a downgrade. Also, how will he motivate himself to get in shape? Granted, the opponents are much weaker, but nevertheless you cannot just show up and dunk as you like.

I hope they dont make a news out of him trying the stinky tofu.