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Also some interesting news about him

Dwight Howard confesses: I’ve had sex a bunch of times with my Superman cape on. | Marca

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That’s wild. He is 36, but he is still better than a lot of the centers in the NBA. It’s curious that nobody wants Carmelo Anthony and DeMarcus Cousins either.

And then he’ll be given dual citizenship as a reward, saving the government millions in actual reward money while we get discriminated against.

Years and years and millions of taxpayers dollars and they finally got ONE famous high level professional to come to Taiwan instead of cultivating their own talent.


He’s not “moving” to Taiwan, just going to play basketball.


I also don’t think he is going to play for the Taiwan national team.

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He will live in Taoyuan, at least nice to see tall and handsome guy, dont you think he looks good?


Haven’t followed his career closely, he once was a top 5 player in the league. Later became a bit of journey man. Somehow couldn’t sustain his early dominance. He always has struck me as a big man child, with a good heart. No idea why he would chose Taiwan of all places. Nice for Taiwan fans, though.

He’s injury prone. NBA teams would rather develop a younger talent at this point.

Whilst listening to Superman by Eminem i hope?

“Don’t get me wrong, I love these hoes…”

Nice jab at Chinas NBA :sweat_smile:

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I guess the rumors of JLin were just off by a bit. Someone should tell Dwight that Taiwan and Taoyuan are not the same.

I think he just hasn’t learned the pronunciation yet.

He was smart to choose Taoyuan. We have state-of-the-art sports facilities here.


How does one buy tix for the T1 League? U-Bon kiosk? I for sure wanna see Superman play next season.

good luck with that, his games will be sold out quickly

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I give him one season here.

Wait till he opens a bank account. :grin:


That’s most likely the plan. Do something different at end of career. Not about the money. I’ve heard it’s probably like 1 million USD, which is a lot for us mortals, but not someone who used to be a star player in the NBA.

He’s made 245 million from salary during his NBA career.

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In baseball they’re given monthly contracts and usually don’t last a season.

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