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Is there a woman’s professional basketball league in taiwan? I saw some foreign women in what I think were basketball uniforms.

Just finished watching the woman’s NCAA tournaments which was off the wall really really good basketball. Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, etc.

Nearly 2 decades ago, at California Fitness on Chunghsiao E. rd. I met a Korean girl who was center for a then-professional team in Taiwan. Forgot which one. She was an Amazon, but cute.

You can check link above “Roster” to see if you recognize that player you may have seen.

Why ask here when you can just Google it?


Well, OK, maybe there is not much English info. And looking at this image I was not sure about the players’ gender at first.

Seems to be semi-professional, not full professional.

Almost no spectators, so they are not likely to make much money.