Bath Salts in Taiwan


Oh, god…me and my big mouth…

The FDA have been very slow to start looking for this stuff. China is the major source supposedly worldwide and new ones are made monthly. The bath salts can kill but rarely I’d say, probably detecting it in autopsies from people who overdosed from heroin or died from other causes. They can be very nasty though and homeless use em similar to glue.

60 dead this year alone here in Taiwan. Mostly young men.

I hope taiwan takes a serious look into providing more help for addiction. Treating it as a mental Heath issue and remove the stigma around it helping people that need to seek help. And start providing more available help. Just trying to stop the flow of drugs is not enough as shown here.

The government could start by changing its drug classification system. It’s crazy that marijuana is a Schedule 2 drug, along with meth. And ketamine is Schedule 3, for god’s sake.

Easing up on marijuana I agree with.

People dying from bath salts, though? Natural selection.

You’d be surprised, i’ve seen people turn to anything to get out of themselves, and some of them are extremely smart and nice before addiction. Giving a negative stigma for using a certain drug to get out of yourself is also a problem, why is a person addicted to crack worse than cocaine? Why is addiction to alcohol not as bad as heroin or bath salts?

I’d say bath salts, cocaine, and alcohol addiction are all on the same level of self-destruction.

If they die from it, well they die, but hopefully their families can get them into rehab.

I would like to know the cause of death in those 60 cases. It sounds a bit dubious. Are people dropping dead? ODing? Suiciding?

They really need to ease up on other less dangerous drugs if they don’t want people to resort to glue and bath salts Face it, people want to get high - and getting drunk just doesn’t cut it.

Can you imagine how great it would be to be stoned at a night market? I mean I’m not even a stoner and that sounds fun.


Bad batches probably.

They probably just do cathinone to make them stoned, unlikely to have killed them. Most likely died from disease, exposure, OD on opiates etc. Fentanyl is the stuff that would kill them.