Battlefield 2 - follow up to the #1 online war game

I’ve played Battlefield for hundreds of hours…and now part two is out. You can download the demo from here: … nloads.jsp

I’ve tried the demo…and so far it’s pretty darn fun.

Mordeth, after the DC mod for 1942, U think BF2 is worth paying extra for?

just curious, as I havent had a chance to install the Demo yet, I’ll probably just skip it and isntall the full version when it comes out, as I;m too busy wid GTA: SA

So are the loading times anywhere near as utterly horrendous as the original’s?

i bought battlefield vietnam four months ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Except for the long loading times, especially if i lost all my flags i would then have to wait for ages to get back in. I will download the demo to battlefied 2 so thanks for the demo link Mordeth!

the loading times are even worse on this sucker, but at least once the level has loaded, everything is quite fast (i have more than 1GB ram)