BBC to launch branded kids block in Taiwan

TAIPEI, July 15: BBC Worldwide Asia has reached a deal with Taiwanese cable and satellite channel operator Videoland to launch a branded kids block in the country this month.

BBC Kids will feature 120 hours per year of Teletubbies, Fimbles, Wallace & Gromit, Rotten Ralph, Yoho Ahoy and other key BBC preschool titles, dubbed into Mandarin and broadcast five times per week on Videoland General Entertainment (On-TV), one of Videoland six channels.

Wallace & Grommit is for kids? Who knew!

Nice lineup although l was hoping they might’ve had ‘The Wiggles’. Ah nevermind.

I wish the Beeb would give out a bit more of their old classics that I’m sure would still go down a treat twenty or thirty years on. I’m thinking of Jamie and the Magic Torch, Mr. Ben, er… some others which I’ve forgotten, oh, Chorlton and the Wheelies, The Flumps, The Magic Roundabout. Can you get any of these on DVD anyone know?

You know they’re making a Magic Roundabout movie now?

I still get Bill & Ben … flower pot mem

What you need for these shows is BBC Prime which has re-runs of these golden oldies