BBQ House in TaiChung

"This is a Unique Restaurant Bar that serves the Best Steak in Taiwan with the experience of three skilled and qualified Chefs from Australia (Tony) and Canada (Ian and Demitri). You Choose what steak you want, how much you want, the cut you want and they’ll prepare it the way you want !!!Isn’t that just great !! Besides that, you only pay for what you eat !!! With very convenient and inexpensive prices along with good drinks to finish a great Meal !!

I thought the grill was the cleanest kitchen I’ve seen in [strike]Taiwan[/strike] Asia and the ambiance and decor was charming. Quite a relaxing meal considering I was tackling a kilo of steak.

The meat, as you can see is grilled to perfection and the service is far beyond the standards set in most restaurants in Taiwan. I found the staff to be courteous and engaging, yet not overbearing.

The co-owner is former Taipei man about town and current Taiwan Welter Weight MMA champ Demitri Telfair, who brings years of culinary experience into play.

Tell him you heard about his place on Forumosa and he won’t beat on you. Just kidding. He will regale you with tales of the cage if you’d like. I guarantee that you will be enthralled by the man they call Narouque.

I feel jealous that there isn’t a BBQ House in Taipei and highly suggest all you Forumosans living in The 'Chung visit soon and visit often.

Here’s a map.

Looks good, what kind of prices are we talking?

That’s the beauty of it. You pay by the gram.

I was there a few months ago. I forget which cut I had, but it was something like 700nt, and that wasn’t even a very big piece. I opted not to get anything else with it (potatoes, etc.) because I felt that was expensive enough. I wanted medium-well, but he recommended medium, so I went with that. I wish I would have insisted on medium-well. It was okay, but I think I preferred the steak at Papa Mia better even though this one may have been a higher quality cut. It must have a lot to do with the seasoning.

Still, the owner is extremely polite, but it was a little unnerving when he kept on calling me Sir.

Is this an ad?

No. It is a thread.

This is the one with a branch in Hsinchu right? I thought the steak was amazing! :bravo:

Sure looks like an ad.

Sure looks like an ad.[/quote]

It’s a review. That is what we do here. Share information about the community.

Wanna try~ but maybe for a special occasion~ Steakhouses are generally not cheap in Taiwan~

That’s the beauty of it. You pay by the gram.[/quote]

So kinda like the Merchant of Venice, only, you know, metric?

That’s the beauty of it. You pay by the gram.[/quote]

I think when he says “kind of prices” he really means “price range”, rather than “how are customers charged”.

I don’t get the “beauty” part, either.

Its in Hsinchu and Taichung. I love the place. Its clean and the taste is perfect. I think the price is alright.

The side dishes (potatoes in whatever form you prefer) + greens + mushrooms always come with a steak (no extra charge for them).

They have different kinds of meat to pick from (from Fillet to Ribeye) with different prices/gram. But also Pork Masala and Saumon.
The tomato salad and desserts rock too.
Beer for me there is Erdinger (Dark and Crystal). I hope to go there again soon!

Pic I took once:

Facebook Page:

A more detailed review at Taiwanease:

Location of the Hsinchu Store: … quan_Store

Location of the Taichung Store: … ngda_Store

Excited about this place. Will go there soon.

Provided they didn’t raise the prices on their meat in the process, this is welcome news. Did they raise the prices on their meat to accommodate this?

My biggest problem with this place was that I could get a better steak for cheaper elsewhere. However, if their prices are better now, it may make it worthwhile as this restaurant is closer to us and in a nicer location.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, they’re only open in the evenings, so don’t bother heading over there for lunch.

I’ve eaten in the Hsinchu location, great food and rather unique format in Taiwan but pricey. Still steak is the thing in Taiwan now so no lack of customers.