Be careful who you meet on apps

See this bad story (blackmailed online dates)

免錢最貴!男大生初嚐禁果 前戲還沒開始她老公就衝進來了 | 蘋果新聞網 | 蘋果日報 (

Other related news on scams:

I sincerely hope people become more educated in critical thinking as this type of thing is common and happened for a vey long time. The best defense is a working brain. Schools, aside from families, ought to be teaching social awerness and such.

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Google autotranslate of this site is wild …

“Another national university student named Liao was even more miserable. The first time he asked for a gun, he was jumped by a fairy. Not only was he forced to pawn a locomotive, he also bid for an iPhone for Jian Nan”


Seems reasonable to me


“Person of enchantment” seems more in line with the times.