Beach resorts in Taichung?

I know this sounds daft but my knowledge of the Taichung area is limited to inland. Are the beaches any good around Yunlin County and if so can anyone recommend somewhere to stay around the coast?

There are few options in Taichung. There was one near Qingshui that has been closed for a few years. The nearest I know is Tongxiao in Miaoli, which is not amazing, but it is a beach and the area behind it isn’t too bad. The view on the beach is marred somewhat from the coal generating plant down the way. A better option is Ciding up near Zhunan. Perhaps somebody else has suggestions.

Hi, I m new to Taiwan. my location is: Taichung. I want to see Taiwan as much I can. Can you guys suggest any authenticate travel agent or any Bus service- which cover tourist destination from diff cities?

Thanks in Adv.