Beaches near Manila

Can anyone point me to some beach areas near Manila. Looking for any help you can give me.


Puerto Galera is near. take a bus to batangas port and then take a ferry to puerto galera. travel time maybe would be around 3-4 hours.

you could also try subic in olongapo. take a bus to olongapo and then take a jeepney to subic.

you can try batangas as well - but the beaches are not as nice as down south, but if you to anilao, batangas - this is a diving and snorkelling paradise i heard.

oh, i think cavite also has some beaches, like puerto azul.

get a lonely planet, i might be of help.

Puerto Gelera is going take a lot longer than 3-4 hours to reach, but nice place definitely.

if you take the bus at around say 4AM, you’ll defenitely be at galera by 7 or 8AM.