Beard Dye For Color

Is there any place to get beard dye in Taiwan? Do any of the trendy western-style Barbers have it?

Like enhancing color or changing color or taking the gray out or whatever.

take the gray out like “just for men” might help but looking for other brands.

Doubt it. Taiwanese don’t have beards in general due to poor genetics, so there is not really a market for that. Some of them have little cute bits of hair on their chin but no coverage or growth elsewhere. Sucks for them.

But my gf says it’s for the best as she thinks Asians look like criminals with beards. But mine just makes me sexy asf. What color you wanna dye your beard btw and why? If you’re going grey than embrace it. I think it’ll be awesome onw day to have a grey beard.

Well my hair kind of lightens up to a reddish-brown it in the summertime and I’m told it doesn’t match by some girls that care about that stuff. I don’t really care but if it makes them happy then it probably makes me happy :smiling_imp:

Maybe a nicer hair salon with hair dye can do it for you.

There is an exclusive REAL barbershop in Anhe Road that specializes in beard styling. Sure they can fix you up.

Keep the facial hair.


Reddish-brown beards are cool.

Edit: natural ones, that is…

Thanks for that. I’m also looking for barber supply stores I think there are a few around.

Why in sweet & sour Jesus would beard colouring be any different from regular hair colouring???
Seriously, man, you really need to get your place checked for gas leaks.

Do yourself a favour and get that really gross cockroach-ass reddy brown that all the balding 40-something office turds who still haven’t been promoted to management get to try and look like like they’re still young, with laughably unsuccessful results.


Try blue or red. But remember to bleach the hair before applying it.

I didn’t realize this was such a sensitive subject. I hope this post is not too annoying.