Become a Lord or Lady

You can buy 1 square foot in Scotland and become a lord or lady. I don’t know how official it would actually be. But it seems no taxes need to be paid on your land.


Square foot? Isn’t Scotland on the metric system?

Red flag.


Well, Australia is on the metric system but we still measure land in acres. We do use hectares as well, of course.


Not really. I think the UK is officially metric as part of Eur…oh well, you know what I mean, but many daily-life things are measured in imperial units - distance is in miles, height is in feet and inches, a person’s weight is in stone, external male organs are in inches, beer is in pints, etc. Square feet would be normal here I think.

I haven’t lived in the UK for a decade so I’m not sure whether it’s still the case, but I remember that many groceries used to be sold essentially in pounds or pints…but labelled in liters to reluctantly comply with the EU rules, so you’d have a 2.27 liter bottle of milk or a 454 gram jar of jam or whatever. It always struck me as a bit silly. I think a fair few things are just labelled in (kilo)grams etc. too.

So it’s not as totally/strictly imperial as the US, but imperial units are still used often. I feel like there’s probably more familiarity with the metric system in the UK than in the US, possibly through it being taught in school and SI units always being used in science and engineering in the UK (as opposed to the weird imperial engineering units, which I believe are still used in the US).


Anyone know how the laws actually work and if I actually own land. Could I take it to the extreme and set up a company HQ on my 1 square foot land? :joy:

Buying otherwise obsolete British titles is a known thing, though whether this company is legit is another question.

I suppose if you did set up a tiny office in some random field or river or side of a mountain, you would need to make it quite sturdy and have good security. You wouldn’t want it wobbling over onto the plot owned by the lord or lady next to you, would you? Probably best to buy a few plots and combine them, just in case. :slightly_smiling_face:

As a bonus, if you can prove your title, the Nickname Czar will acknowledge it without argument. :wink:


Assuming you were able to buy such a small plot, the usual Government imposed taxes/rates etc whould make it a very pricey square foot/metre or whatever.

Metric in the UK I hear you ask - well on the roads, distances are shown in Miles, speeds in Miles per hour, but stop to fill the fuel tank in your vehicle and it the Pump shows Litres!. But a Pint of ale is still a Pint.

You could always become a Baron of the Principality of Sealand


Lady Queen Bee or Queen Lady Bee :thinking:

I started middle school age 8 I think, any how that year 1971-72 when metric was introduced, so that’s what we was taught, centimetres, millimetres, litres, kilograms, ect.
Leave school 9 years later go to work every one talks measure and weigh in Imperial, really winds me up.
Pub I frequented on regular basis had a large builder customer base, they all talked in Imperial yet building supplies are sold in metric!!
I had many arguments over it after a few.

I used to have a client at a previous company, he couldn’t get his head around Imperial/Metric, and he would use both on the same project. For example he wanted advertising boards to be placed all around a race track for a big sporting event, face size he gave me was 3m x 2’, i don’t mind people using one or the other but not both at once.
Just to add he was very successful at selling advertising space at sporting events so he must have been doing something right.

I don’t know you much, but if you want a honest recommendation, I would rather become a lady. Much more fun than a lord for fucking around.

Do you mean you would rather be Lady Masala? Or do you mean you would rather see Andrew become Lady Lin? :thinking:


do you like the ladyyy in the mirror?

That would go well with my Liberland diplomatic passport.


“it’s the fulfilment of the libertarian dream - a land with no compulsory taxes, no gun control, with Bitcoins as currency”

Well, according to hardcore libertarians, some private army/law enforcement agency will be able to allow them to reclaim sovereignty and maintain order.
Let’s see how it works. My bet is on:“it won’t”