Becoming a Cambridge Examiner

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I am interested in opportunities for teaching/testing Cambridge exams, especially IELTS and wondering what steps to take after completing CELTA …
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For anyone interested in this:

The British Council: administers UCLES exams - more than you can shake a stick at - check here:
IELTS, BULATS, PET & KET are popular in Taiwan. For information regarding examiner training days, get in touch with Prudence Chou (IELTS administrator): for more general information.

Examiner requirements are usually a recognised TEFL qualification, a degree, a letter from your university/college proving your attendance, holding an ARC, and English as a first language. For IELTS/BULATS there is a two day training period after which you will be given tapes/scripts to grade which are then sent to Cambridge. Subject to their satisfaction, you will be issued with an examiner number. These are now standardised so if you want to train as an examiner for another exam, your number is sufficient entitlement. If you don’t pass the training, you can try again (usually once only). Examiners usually have to have mini retraining sessions every one or two years but it varies.

Payment is directly after the testing sessions and averages out at $1,000/hour.

If you have further questions check out the links or get in touch with the above.



Thanks Soddom for taking the time to share your knowledge with us.

Yeah this looks like a nice little earner.