Becoming a qualified teacher in Taiwan

I’m working in a private elementary school and I am interested in becoming a qualified teacher to teach in public school system here in Taiwan. I have done some research and I believe that if you are a qualified teacher in your home state this qualifies you to teach in Taiwan’s public schools. As I am married in Taiwan and I’m planning to start a family soon the option of returning back to my home country to study for a minimum of one year is not an option.
So basically I’m looking for any program available in Taiwan that could be completed part time which would lead to me becoming a qualified English elementary or high school teacher. So if anyone has any ideas it would much appreciated.


There’s a program in Hsinchu through the Pacific-American School and New Jersey Teacher’s College. It’s a one-year program with classes offered about one week every two months in the evenings. It’s taught in Hsinchu City (not distance ed) and I think they commence in April or May (not sure if they’re going to run it again or not). PM me if you need contact details.

I have looked into this program and I have a couple of concerns in relation to it.
Firstly, I bit dubious if this program would be accepted by the MOE in Taiwan.
Secondly, as with all teaching licenses teachers are required to do CPD. In America teachers are required to obtain points from CPD within a five year period or their licenses becomes invalid. My concern is keeping the validation of this licenses as I plan to reside in Taiwan for the foreseeable future.

We were discussing that program over on this thread:
Interesting to hear that you seem to know about it. Is there any more information you could provide in that thread? I think some people here might be interested.

Sorry; I posted it here by accident. :blush:
It’s on the original thread.

Thanks for all the advice so far. But, I particularly interested in doing a education program here in Taiwan which qualifies me to teach in Taiwan’s public schools.

The only drawback to doing teaching license from overseas is that teachers are required to gain credits from teaching in a state school or from CPD to keep their license valid. I don’t see any possibility of departments of education accepting teaching in Taiwan’s public schools as credits for teacher license validation.

So if anyone has completed their teaching license or is presently doing their teaching license for an English teacher here in Taiwan I would be grateful for any information that you may have.