Bed bugs?

Last night in bed I got lots of bites on my ankles and side of my feet, still itching like crazy.
I woke got a torch and looked for what had done but could see nothing.
I’m hoping not bedbugs as I wash bedding every 2 weeks and hoover the mattress each time.
Any body know?
I have mosquito net over the bed.

Mites, maybe? This happened to me (in a maternity clinic when my baby was born of all places).

Maybe bites from xiao hei wen (tiny little fly that lives in undergrowth or sandy areas outside ) or mosquitoes during the day and then you were scratching them in your sleep as you got a reaction ? Are you living in an apartment or house ?
If a house on the ground floor maybe the xiao hei wen are going through your net .

Were you sitting or standing in an outdoor area recently and you weren’t wearing socks ? They are active during daytime .
They always get me around my ankles .

Seems unlikely to be bedbugs.

That’s what I want to hear.
Possibly did get them earlier in the day when I was out.
Apartment 6 floor.

Used a tip I found on Forumosa, white vinegar on them to stop itching - works :grinning:

Check your matress. Bed bugs are easy enough to find. Ive bever seen one in taiwan personally. but there are lots of mosquitoes, midges and fleas around.

I wash all my clothes and sheets with detergent and a scoop of baking soda. Also bought a dryer. Since…not a single mite :man_shrugging:

When you have a huge infestation, yes. When you have the prelude to huge infestation, not necessarily.

Baking soda, yes I shall start using.
I have to say my top loader washing machine is total pants any how, seriously thinking of using launderette.

Seems was mites very small little bumps thankfully have stopped itching 3 days if it.

I had a flea infestation once. They bite the back of the legs. The only solution was tossing the mattress and getting a new one and using hot water and doing laundry for all my clothes