Beekeeping in Taiwan?

Anyone do it? I am looking to add them to our farm as pollinators are seriously lacking in Sprayville.

Anyone have experience here? I am wanting to preferably have a native honey bee. Any suggestions on names or where to start searching?

Check the Chiayi City or Wufeng Ag extensions. They might be able to help you. I’d also check the Taiwan Beekeepers’ association.

You can also check the Pingdong Ag Extension for more help. :roflmao:

I talked to my homies in Dacun and they gave me this. He sells pollinators, but my Chinese wasn’t good enough to know which kind. Deals with bees I think. They unfortunately don’t have bumblebees in Taiwan which makes me sad. I’m thinking he deals with the solo bees.
Cellphone #: 0935371480

Cellphone is for when he is out working his fields/bees.

I keep bees and have a few connections in Pingdong, perhaps(family of friends). PM and I might be able to help you out depending on where you are and how bad you want the bees. It is not a casual hobby if you want to get anything more than pollen from them. You will have to feed them in the winter as well.(or I have to at least in Hualien)

And just FYI, there are two dominant varieties of bees raised in Taiwan, Italians brought in by the Japanese and the local bees which are smaller, produce less honey and are more prone to leaving when the spirit moves them. I love both. I think bees have taught me more about the world than just about anything else I have ever done!

Dis you have any lack in finding APIs cerina?