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I was talking with old and young mates today, sharing stories of other times and places. It occurred to me that there isn’t a place on forumosa to share some of the outrageous, yet . … . . . (damn, wish I had done that) kind of of experience, Yes, I have mine. But, how about yours. In advance, please . . . please, for male and female - lets keep it somewhat clean. We have all done your first thought. (If you dont think so just PM me and we can talk about it. :astonished: ) This is meant to explore some of the more remote areas of the world and explore some of the less than traditional things that happen to us when we travel. Enjoy but please keep it reasonably clean.

Ok 'll go first.
Once while trekking the wilds of Afghanistan, I lost my corkscrew and was forced to ive on nothing but food and water for severl days.
Apologies to W.C. Fields.

I tried to post this but it cuts me off. Hell, I dont know. Just maybe the forum called bullshit.
Once while flying out of Lewiston, Idaho going south along the riverbottom with a wife (last most recent) and 3 kids, I was trying to catch a radial up and over the mountains into McCll, Idaho for fuel. I found the radial and after making the turn and climbing, I found myself in a fog bank. I was faced with continuing up the asscent blind or going back to the canyon that was clear. I’m a fairly smart guy so I banked as sharp to the left as the !72 XP could handle and dived back into the canyon. I was chopping ponderosa needles as I leveled back down the canyon. Made it to McCall, and on to SLC II and ultimately to John Wayne Intl. What a trip.

Once while exploring the outback in Mexico up the coast of of the Mexican open peninsula with a combi van. I and my, my wife and assorted child units aboard. I came around a corner and was faced with about 12 Mexiacan Army Rangers hell bent on shooting us with automatic weapons aimed at us and the kids. I stopped and upon forecful demand, showed ID and papers for the combi. After a leangthy viewing, the leader motioned us off with a “stupido gringo” slight. I didnt stay around to argue. Just glad to get on to the next maragarita.

Come on!!! There has to be some crazy sh** that you can tell us about. Just leave the names out.

Come on!!! There has to be some crazy sh** that you can tell us about. Just leave the names out.

OK! I did my part and I’m off to the bottle shop for a refill. Damn I hope there’s folks with good crap to tell.

I cant believe that 58 people have viewed this and have no weirsd sh*it to tell! At least cut me short so I can drink this Glenlivet without checking the site every ten minutes.

We attempted to shoot the Skookumchuck Rapids (Sechelt Rapids) (Google that) at slack water in a 80 foot or so naval diving tender. Long story story . . . we got caught in a giant tidal whirlpool (imagine your rubber ducky fighting the drain in the bath) and it looked like we were going to capsize

Thailand a few years back. Traveling from Koh Tao for Chumphon (I think anyway) by small fast ferry to catch a bus to Bangkok (all the same company). The ferry service had a jetty as far up the river as possible and right by a bridge. The ship started to maneuver to come alongside the jetty

On a bus on the way from Ningbo to a ferry to Putuoshan. The only seat available had a gaping 18" hole in the floor so I had to sit with my feet planted widely, watching the road fly by underneath. The bus kept breaking down on the way; sounded like tranmission trouble. Anyway, at one point the kid next to me told his mom he had to pee, so she yanked his pants down and aimed him at the hole between my feet. I barely pulled my left leg out of the way in time! Ah, the charms of China!

[quote=“damafen”]We attempted to shoot the Skookumchuck Rapids (Sechelt Rapids) (Google that) at slack water in a 80 foot or so naval diving tender. Long story story . . . we got caught in a giant tidal whirlpool (imagine your rubber ducky fighting the drain in the bath) and it looked like we were going to capsize

[quote=“damafen”]We attempted to shoot the Skookumchuck Rapids (Sechelt Rapids) (Google that) at slack water in a 80 foot or so naval diving tender. Long story story . . . we got caught in a giant tidal whirlpool (imagine your rubber ducky fighting the drain in the bath) and it looked like we were going to capsize

I took a couple of friends from the UK to the top of a mountain at the bottom of Nara-Ken in Japan. Its a religious mountain, the journey to the top is a test of faith, it took some 8 hours, and only men are allowed on the trail. I forget the name of the mountain, but it is a tool of Shugendo, a buddhist belief in animism.
Its a drug story, as most of mine are. Next morning, we get up, find a nice little secluded temple with grounds, and start to eat magic mushrooms. At that time shrooms were not illegal in Japan. We ate our fill, then started tripping.
Pretty soon a giant rabbit wandered into view. Im talking about a 6 foot rabbit. It wandered over to the stream and began to fill a bottle. We soon realized that this rabbit was a man, in a rabbit skin costume. He came over to talk to us and spoke some English. It appeared that a ceremony was soon to take place, one that hadn’t happened for 200 years. Our secluded temple, where minutes before we had felt like the last 3 people alive in some pardise garden, was suddenly overrun by giant rabbit men. Nothing important happens in Japan without Scotch. Soon the rabbit men and three very trippy white guys were sipping scotch, chanting, and observing a statue that hadn’t been seen by man for 200 years. When the rabbit men closed the temple doors and disappeared off, we had to wonder, did that just happen or what?

No! TomHill, did that really happen?


For the past 12 years in a row a group of friends and I go camping for New Years Eve. We head out somewhere here in western Montana, usually near a lake or river. It’s a great way to end one year, and welcome in a new one.

Anyway, this year we were camped on the famous Blackfoot River at a spot called River’s Bend. We had a lot of snow in early and mid December, and some very cold temps, so the river was nearly frozen over, save for a small open channel in the center.

I always bring my dogs camping. They run wild and have a great time. This year was no exception. The only problem this year was the icy river and the fact that they kept crossing ice bridges to the other side. I kept my eye on them and everything seemed fine.

It was getting dark and we were enjoying beers and some smokes. My friend pointed out that Loki was on the other side of the river. So I kept my eye on him. He started to come back, but instead of crossing back over the ice bridge he went straight across and fell into the water. He swam across the narrow band of river only to come to the ice on the other side. He could not get out. He could only get his front paws up but could not get out of the water. We kept yelling to him “come on boy, you can do it”, he kept trying but was losing strength and becoming exhausted. Confused, he swam back to the other side and couldn’t get out there either. Now he was really tired and ended up going under at one point. Then he started crying, and I was really freaking out at this point. I could not watch him drown. He is my boy. He couldnt go downsteam because if he did he would have been sucked under the ice bridge further down. So there’s my dog out in the middle of the river, trapped by the ice, with the water bearing down and exhaustion setting in.

My friend ran to get a rope from his truck. I kept my eye on Loki and kept calling to him to keep him going. My friend was back with the rope quickly and he and my other friend held one end of the rope on shore and I grabbed the other end and headed out to the open water. I did not know how thick the ice was and it was slushy on top. I got down on all fours to spread out my weight and I crawled to Loki, I knew I didn’t have much time. He came to me and I reached for his collar, I missed it the first time, then got a hold of it. With one hurl I flung him onto the icebank. The motion caused the edge of the ice to break but I was able to scurry back and avoid falling in. Loki, meanwhile shook off the icy water, then began tearing up and down the shore, so excited to be out of that icy river. Soaking wet this Siberian Husky weighed about 80 pounds, but I was able to fling him out with one hand thanks to adrenalin.

Later that night at camp, Loki walked up to each person around the fire and licked their hand, thanking us for saving his life.

Weird - I was teaching English in Spain back in the 80s. Some friends and I went for a walk in woods outside Madrid. Two of my friends were a couple of meters in front of me and I had one girl walking beside me.
Suddenly I heard this peculiar sound. It was exactly like a door creaking open in an old house. There were no houses or other buildings anywhere near us.

The two in front of us immediately stopped and turned back to us. They asked me if I had heard it and the girl with me had also heard it. They told me that the woods had a reputation as a meeting place for what they called “brujas” (witches) who supposedly performed strange rites there at night.

Odd - I’ve worked and lived in a few places around the world. Many times I would meet people who say they saw someone who looked exactly like me. Not a resemblance but an exact likeness. We’re not talking ghosts here. In one case a friend of mine said it was only when he went up to the person and spoke to him he realized it wasn’t me. But my friend said he looked exactly like me. If it happened once you could shrug it off as coincidence but all over the world…?

dramatic - I went to Kuwait to teach English in August 1989. It was a year’s contract but the employer gave us five weeks’ vacation to be taken at the end of the contract. So instead of staying until August 31 1990 I left on 26 August 1990. I went to Turkey for a few days and then to some friends in Northern Greece. I went out with the son and daughter of the family. When we came back the father was chattering excitedly in Greek about Kuwait and Iraq. They had CNN and I switched on to see that the country I had been working in had been overrun by Saddam. My employers…? The Kuwaiti army.

[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]No! TomHill, did that really happen?


True, all true.

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Brilliant!! Wish I’d been there. Still, I’ve now got the maddest little short film flickering through my brain box!


Once on a visa run to manilla i spent 30 mins trying to convince the pimp and whores who were waiting in my hotel room when I arrived that I was not trying to barter a lower price.
Finally after saying over and over “no, no thank you no.’ the pimp smiles and says"ahhh i know! you like the boys ! I get you the boys…”

And the whole thing started again