Beer Alert & Directory IV


(This will be of particular interest to Tigerman.)


Yes, I have known about this for quite some time. My German family has been bitching about this since it was announced. They are quite angry and rightfully so.

I'd love to see a very successful boycott.


Well, I was going to read that, but I got distracted bt Freya, the page 3 girl. :howyoudoin:


Oh you silly Canadians. How can one be distracted away from beer? :wink:


Wait a minute, are you implying that we jerk off too much???


When do we get the Beer Alert & Directory Directory thread?


It will be fun to boycott budweiser!

Boy, Germany is a beer drinking nation - we know good beer from water with a taste. :beer:

The american budweiser :loco: has no chance.


Did anyone here ever tasted Super Bock? ... dbeers.htm

Super Bock is the leading beer brand on the Portuguese market and is the only brand to have won 28 gold medals in the international contest "Monde Sélection da la Qualité".

It is produced from selected high-quality ingredients, which give it its characteristic colour, flavour, froth and body, which differentiate it from the other beers on the market, making it an appetizing and widely appreciated beer.

Super Bock's period of validity varies in accordance with the packaging in which it is sold, ranging from two months (for barrels) to nine (for reusable and non-reusable bottles).

With an alcohol content of 5.6%, Super Bock is in the lager category, or bottom fermentation beers.

The brand has demonstrated its distribution potential in hotels, restaurants and cafes, mostly in the form of reusable 33 cl bottles, and 30 and 50 litre barrels. For hypermarkets, supermarkets and general stores, packs of 6 and 10 bottles, and 6-packs of cans are produced, which are more convenient for the customer.
As for its image, Super Bock is associated with certain key values, such as sociability, authenticity and the "simple things in life".


As lager goes, Super Bock gets the thumbs up from me. The kick of a Stella but with a much better taste - quite full and definitely a beer you can "do a session" on. When I was in Porto (great city) I alternated between nights on the Super and the red wine/port combo in the Ribeira. After a few beers get a late night Francesinha and then stagger up the hill to bed. Me likey.

Plus it just has a great name.


"Budweiser?...Weak as water...just weak as water"


"drinks" has started selling 4 belgian beers. does anyone have any info on them?

i'd post the names, but the wife threw the magazine away already, it seems. :s


taffy, at least there are 3 people in Taiwan that appreciates Super Bock.... (me, wifey and you)....

and, so nice description about me hometown, I was almost cried....


I wonder if you can get it in Macau? I can feel a jaunt coming on...


Is Mr He still on holiday in Denmark? I wonder if he can bring back a bottle or two of this? Greenland microbrew!


According to news articles, Heineken has a huge success with it's new introduction of their 'Heineken Premium Light beer' in the US.

Now how can a light beer be 'Premium' :noway: ... a bottle of piss can't be premium ... and drinking it makes you only go .... piss more.

The power of advertising and branding I guess ...


Lighter than Heineken? What could this mean? Mind you, having heard that there is a Bud Light I suppose anything is possible. What do these guys move up to for a Big Night Out? Evian?


Poor innocent souls that don't know what good beer concists off ... tricked into believing that light beer can be 'premium' ... wow ... this goes above my understanding ... jeez ... how can one party on 'light' beer? You're more stuck at Toilet than with your mates, unless you party in the toilet ...


Heineken or bud don't mather.

Same shit diff :beer: erent taste.

Get me some dark and british


Nooo! Sleeman sold their soul!


They have it at Fernando's in Coloane (Macau), so it must be available somewhere, and like most beer in Macau, fairly cheap too.