Beer needs a new family

I’m planning to study and work in Australia this summer.
So,I need to find a new mon or daddy for my cat. :slight_smile:
My cat is a kind and beautiful “woman”.(Bith:2004/6/24)
It’s name is Beer^_^We are living in Kaohsiung.
Beer was found near the beach one year half ago.
and It has got the five-in-one shot.
This is her picture:

If any of you would like to offer “Beer” a loving home,
please email me at

PS.I have a small cat house for Beer.

Shipping animals to Australi is a simple process; there is no need to put Beer through the stress of losing his ‘family’. The chances are, this coul happen every year for the rest of the poor guy’s life. Let me know if you need any help with taking him with you; I’d be happy to assist. :wink: