Beer so Expensive

Anyone else think Craft beer is excessively expensive in Taiwan?
Its usually 300-380NTD 10-15 USD a glass!

Does anyone know of bars that have more reasonable Beer prices?

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Yes which is why I don’t drink local craft brews especially.
Way over priced.
It’s beer not vintage wine!


Best to stick with beers from 7/11 and the supermarket. The bar scene is pricey unfortunately.

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Them guys are asking a lot of friggin dough for something that’s going to be piss in about 40 minutes.


If you are Chinese, it is…


That bottle of hipster swill will put you back US$44!!

I like the Corner for their 23rd street brews and usually pay around $250 for a good IPA. Crafted usually is not that high either. Also, The Local has some good Evil Twin brews in cans.

I saw Costco had Stone IPA and Ballast Point for about $550 a 6 pack.

7-11 has a new JPL IPA that I like for about $89. Many buy 3 promotions for a discount.

Taihu brewing is expensive. tasty beer though.


All I got is piss-warm Chango

That’s my brand!!


That happens when you have some home/hobby brewers that like to brew and go in to business being caught by investors that want to get their money multiplied in an instant (short term ROI) and surf on the ‘Craft Brew’ wave.
BTW, there are other brews than IPA’s out there!

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That must be a Taipei thing, because where I live the fanciest libation 7-11 sells is Tiger beer.

And high rents are for sure a factor.

I’m not saying IPA’s are not good, but broaden your beer spectrum.
I’m not saying Craft Brew is no good, but ‘Craft’ is not always a synonym for quality.


Oh, I am just playing around. An IPA everyday, would be a bit much for me.

A few months ago, I had my first IPA in 6 years at some resort in Yilan. Wasn’t bad. NT$150 a glass, and it was a descent sized glass, too.

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Jim and Dad’s is good in Yilan.
I just can’t afford to pay that much for a takeaway beer.
I mean 100-200 I can see in a bar, but not for a 330ml bottle in front of the telly.


Yeah, the craft beer prices in Taipei are crazy expensive, like Zhang Men Brewing Company off Yongkang Road. 300 NT$ +. I save a fortune on beer by going to my local in Bitan. Great beers, all under 200 NT.

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Yea that Zhang Men place is super expensive… I always think about going in there then I remind myself a pint is like 380!

I guess Ill stick with Duff beer and not going out to a bar

I mostly end up drinking at home buying beer at the market…but its nice to go out to a bar sometimes as long as the price is reasonable…

That’s why I love Happy hour!!!

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Yeah, but Tallboys!!!

Tell Moe I say hi.

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A tall can of pis is still pis :face_with_raised_eyebrow: