BeerLao in Taipei

From what I understand, BeerLao Dark used to be available here in Taiwan and now hasn’t been for several years.

Indeed, it seems this has been the case with just about all the dark beers around here. Has anyone seen many lately, other than an occasional Kozel or Michelob Dark? Even TTL cut back on its dark M!NE production. So, my craving has led me to try and find some. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. I tried contacting the beer’s designated importer in New Taipei to see about buying a crate, but their contact email came back invalid.

  2. I tried purchasing a crate from a reseller on TaoBao, but you can imagine how much success I found.

With 2 failures in hand, it’s time to get creative - BeerLao is 61% owned by Carlsberg, which does have a representative marketing office in Taipei. I was thinking of maybe contacting them about bringing some here to TW.

What do you think? I’m open to any ideas anyone has. Or, if there’s some secret warehouse full of the stuff, please PM me with the secret password. Thanks!

Have you tried DIY? Mix 61% of Carlsberg with 39% of something dark and heavy (like Guinness)…

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