Beginner Readers and Audio

New on Kindle:

Josh Duyiwuer, a “chapter book” suitable for beginners with about 60-100 hours contact time in Chinese. 417 unique characters, 18,000+ characters long.

Mavis Bu Gaoxing, an illustrated story in simple Chinese suitable for beginners.

Previously Released in Paperback:
Susan you mafan! (approx. 7K words, total beginner level and builds up through the course of the book)
Anna mei banfa! (probably early 2nd year level for US high schooler, set in southern Taiwan)
Pandarella, The Three Pandas: first two Pandariffic™ readers for emergent readers of Chinese. Audio coming soon for the Three Pandas.
Herbert’s Birthday: illustrated story in simple Chinese (approx. 50 word level)

New on iTunes: an audio recording of Pandarella, with multiple voices, slow speed suitable to follow along. … 463&sr=1-1
Came across this on amazon and was wondering what it covered and how it fits with the readers?